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worried about the future

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Hi, I am a year 12 student currently not in a fantastic space.

even thinking about the idea of graduation makes me feel sick, the idea of leaving everything that I know behind is terrifying. To some extent, I know that it probably will be ok eventually, but I feel like I can't convince myself of that. People around me are so excited to leave high school, but I genuinely just can't understand how to look forward to a future I know nothing about. I guess its the freedom and what not, but to be honest I don't care that much about that. Many of my friends are leaving school and going interstate, and I am constantly worried that I won't be able to make friends after graduation. 

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Hi, welcome


I hope I can help.  Have you taken steps to secure your friends you have now? like I assume you have them as friends on social media?  What about their address to send xmas and birthday cards? Do you have their birthday as these actions eg a birthday card can secure friendships rather well?


At 17yo I joined the AirForce. Imagine, they cut your hair to almost nothing, put you on a plane to Adelaide, gave you clothes and you immediately mixed with 27 other new recruits. But after 2-3 days I was settled and you eluded that you know all will be ok so my thoughts are that you could have some anxiety there.


I suggest a visit to your GP would be a sound step. Many people dont realise they could be harbouring a medical disorder and often it is a temporary condition based on your environment or proposed changes in your life present past or future.


I hope you enjoy this site. We have a great library - just use search at the top.





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Champion Alumni

Hello, yes it always seems to be an unknown future, but slowly and without much pressure it slowly opens up without you knowing that it has.

You tend to frequent the hobbies you're interested in and that's a start to meeting new people, because the friends you have at school now, tend to go interstate, if not develop other skills which stops them from still being in contact with their school friends.

If you have friends at school then you will meet other people, so please don't put any pressure on yourself, it will happen, may be in other ways, but it will happen.


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Hello, I remember feeling like that this time last year. I was very fortunate in that I had a lot of people to support me, and now I'm feeling much more certain. Do you have any plans, hopes or dreams for next year? Having some ideas can give you much more certainty and something to work towards. If you have a place you want to work next year you could also ask if you could do some part time work there this year to start building social networks, and earn a bit of money. Maybe get some courses lined up to do? It can be intimidating, but connections will come as you settle in to work.

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Hello Asdfghjkl_


Welcome to the forums. Leaving high school is a big change and with big change can come a lot of stress. People react to this change in a range of ways but it is very common be to nervous and apprehensive. Especially when it comes to leaving old friends and making new ones. I would highly checking out this link to the headspace website which talks about coping with the transition of moving out of secondary school. They also have some great supports and articles for young people who are making this change.




I hope these help. Please let me know how you go or if you need any further support.



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Hi there!


I too believe that the unknown is terrifying. Yet, there’s something particularly comforting in the unknown. I always think that regardless of where my next step is or what my next move is, through all of it, i’m the one that’s going to be there for it. So, as long as i step into all of it with confidence and faith, it’s me that will be experiencing it and no one else. 


I also think that making friends comes with sharing experiences and being able to relate. I can assure you every human can relate in some way, shape or form. You don’t have to be an extrovert to make friends, you just need to be able to effectively communicate.