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Im Worried about my girlfriend and dont know what to do.

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Hey Guys.

Ive just found out that my girlfriend is Depressed and im not really sure what to do. Ive been supporting her ,letting her know i care about her and telling her if she wants to talk or needs anything im here for her. Ive been trying to get to see her and spend time with her but she keeps pushing me away and im honestly stuck cause i dont know what else to do cause i care about her and only want the best for her.

She told me last night that everything has just been a blur the past couple weeks and that shes stuck in a shit hole.

I really just want some advice on what to do or how i can help her cause i truly only want her to be happy.

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Just Sara
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Hi and welcome Egg to our caring community;

You're doing all the right things my friend. No-one can deal with your gf's issues except her so it takes a lot of patience and understanding to 'watch' her going thru this debilitating time. Feeling helpless is 'normal'..

Offering support as you have is invaluable whether you think it's working or not; we all need to know people care. My best advice is to learn about depression/anxiety and encourage her to do the same.

If she doesn't want to, that's ok as the feelings may be too overwhelming for her atm. Has she seen a GP yet? That's important, especially if it's affecting her life and relationships. Early intervention is a must!

There's plenty of info in the links below, as well as threads that address this issue you're facing in 'Supporting family and friends with a mental health condition' section of the forum.

I hope you'll find solace on BB for yourself as well as your gf Egg. Carers and loved one's need support too. Try to stay 'separate' from her 'pain' ok. I know this sounds hard, but you need to be able to see what's happening from a distance to keep your own sense of self intact.

This will benefit you both in the long term. Please ask questions if you're unsure because engaging about it with others is a step in the right direction.

Kind thoughts;


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hi Egg, I agree with Sez you are doing all you can but it's now up to her to get the help she needs, she has to make that decision herself, because if you try and push her then she won't open up to either a doctor or therapist.
You care for her and probably love her which makes it so hard to see her like this, but depression is such menace because sometimes it hits you without letting you know and destroys everything you once believed in.
Please browse through the link that Sez has given you, but also if you begin to feel as though you're falling then this is the time when you also need to see your doctor, there is no better time than the present, so please don't procrastinate, look after yourself. Geoff.

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hey man i know how you feel mine doing the exact same thing right now i know her well but its just getting worse i know her past and its hard for her and me i have gone through a lot of things but i hate seeing her like this im just trying to help her get through it but i dont know if i can much longer until i break down