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work anxiety

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just over a month ago i got my first part time job at a small but popular pizza delivery and pickup place, and i currently only have 1-2 shifts a week, but before every shift i work myself up and get really nervous to the point where i feel sick.

I have never had actual anxiety in the past but i have always been a shy person who worries a lot, and its starting to effect me because i get really stressed about working days before my shift. never got one on one training with the job and it is usually really busy so there also isn't much time to even ask many questions. My main job is taking orders over the phone, as well as other small things but I feel as though I am always making mistakes. I hate asking my boss for help as i do it so often and he is always busy. I also didn't get an interview for the job he just gave it to me and my friend (who is doing a lot better than me) so i feel as though I'm not right for it.

I really want to quit but I feel bad because I just finished getting trained and am starting to get actual shifts so I would feel as though I'm letting people down. I also need the money (even though the pay is horrible). I just don't know what to do and its really getting to me.

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Hello Jazz

Welcome to the Beyond Blue Community

Thankyou for reaching out and posting. You have great courage. I have also gone through the same when I was younger as I was a shy and sensitive person. Taking orders from customers can actually be difficult as you have write a lot of detail have the menu knowledge and credit card details etc in like you said a really busy environment.

Being nervous can mean you care about what you do and are probably anticipating your shifts and making them more of a mountain that they really are. I would try to get some re-assurance off someone...maybe a close friend...a parent? Your boss may be really busy but remember he is human...The best time to get his attention is when he gets in and turns on the oven....You may be surprised....most bosses want their staff to be happy so they provide good service.

I do hope you can find a friend or work colleague/boss that you can confide in and get the re-assurance you need.

Kind Thoughts