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Parents not letting me get help...

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This is my first post here so here we go.

I am in year 12 and I am experiencing some pretty severe anxiety so I went to speak to the school counselor about it because I figured it would be a good place to start.

I have since told my mum about what i am experiencing and she seems to think that for me to continue to see the counselor will be enough to help me which is just not true.

I am aware that the next step for me is either to see a GP or a psychologist and I have expressed this to my mum on multiple occasions but she simply dismisses me.

I was wondering if anyone has a way that I could approach this that would lead to me getting some proper treatment and a diagnosis so that I can get through year 12 because I am seriously struggling at the moment


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Blue Voices Member

Hey Murphybovo, Welcome.

Sometimes anxiety happens when we least expected it and it's least wanted! It sounds like you understand that, but your mum doesn't. I'm sorry you're having a tough time.

If you were to visit your GP by yourself then they can't tell your parents, so that's one avenue to explore. Another is to have a look through the information on the website here as there are many suggestions on how to manage.

I've found that multiple approaches work the best, reading as much as possible, but taking a break when you need it, meditation or relaxation exercises or even just being aware of your breathing for 5 minutes while you sit quietly. Some people find that a visit to their Dr has helped with the introduction of further ways to calm the anxiety beastie.

Talking about it also helps so I'm glad you're here and would like to stay in touch to see how things are going. Others will jump in and offer their experience as well, this all helps to keep chatting. A lot of us have anxiety so we understand and can come from your perspective and know that it can sometimes feel like no one understands.

Take care, chat soon.


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Being in Year 12, can be tough. Good on you for being aware of how you feel. At the same time, I'm sorry that you feel anxious.

i had this same issue of my parents dismissing me and my emotions, because it just wasn't as important As family gossip.

all I can suggest to you is, start taking control of your own life, including health decisions and life choices.

Book an appointment with a psychologist, GP, or school consellor and I guarantee you, you will start feeling more in control of your own life.

you know what you need, now the next step is to put your mums opinion aside and start taking steps for yourself.

for me, it meant lying to my mum about where I was, but ultimately it led me to a healthier wellbeing.

of course, my family & circumstances were different, but again you know your family more than I do, so you would know what appropriate steps to take.

Youre becoming an adult, and that's fantastic, just remember it's your health, and not your mums xx

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Hi Murphybovo. Sorry to hear of your current problems school and home wise. Do you have any close relations you could talk to, that you trust. When I had trouble at home (frequently) I used to visit my nana. There was also a cousin I wrote to. Sometimes older generation people g'mother's particularly understand more so than parents. Year 12 is your final year, isn't it. Possibly your counsellor or Dr could give you some ways of telling mum and dad about your difficulties, but I would also consider talking to a trusted rellie. Having to sneak to counsellor is not really a good idea, understandable, but not good. If you had some way of letting parents know your anxieties it would be better. You need support emotionally, that you're not getting. Is your main teacher aware of your difficulties, sometimes they are pretty helpful. I presume you have different teachers for different subjects. I would perhaps consider talking to a teacher you trust.