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a Teen with words to say to YOU

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"Anxiety can look very different from person to person. One individual may suffer from intense anxiety attacks that strike without warning, while another gets panicky at the thought of mingling at a party. Someone else may struggle with a disabling fear of driving, or uncontrollable, intrusive thoughts. Yet another may live in a constant state of tension, worrying about anything and everything. Despite their different forms, all anxiety disorders share one major symptom: fear or worry in situations where most people wouldn’t feel threatened."

I'm 16 and I have anxiety, unfortunately it makes me who I am as a person and it explains clearly how I live my life, how I treat situations, how I meet new people and how I learn, literally everything!

Few weeks before my first attack, I would always be on the verge of tears about everything, like if someone asked me if I was okay, I would say that I am happy because I was too afraid of telling them I don't know. I would immediately assume that everyone is trying to be against me for no particular reason, I would think of the worst and people would tell me to stop thinking bad. How could I? with this THIS shadow looming over me consuming every fragment of my body and mind. Waves of sadness, depression, negative comments that was said to me years back I would remember would wash over me, tear over tear, all of the bad things BIG or little would keep washing over me reminding me how much of a bad person I was. I would cry and wouldn't know when to stop, I wouldn't know when to take a break from crying, wipe my tears, even eliminate the thoughts of every negative thing that happened to me. Mentally drained and full of taking in the bad monsters under my wing. I had my attack. The worst, most excruciating pain that could happen to you, loneliness, sadness, everything. Gone, eaten savagely by me so no one can suffer the pain that I suffer. But. I'm not the only one? what? Is it true that I don't suffer alone. There's help? The second help found me.... I took a long deep breath of fresh air.

Help/verb: Make it easier or possible for (someone) to do something by offering them one's services or resources.

In other words. Someone is somebody's everything... Do not give in the pain, you are so much stronger than you think, there is help.. Just let them in and give you that assurance that you will be okay, loved ones, friends who adore you, family.

You are loved, No one is against you. You are loved.

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Hello Asi

Welcome to The Beyond Blue Community

What a great post! Thankyou for sharing your experience with this accursed illness. A very very well articulated post that is inspirational to say the least. I have had anxiety/depression for many years and I related very much so to what you have written.

Your inspirational post not only helps people on the forums but also a great many people in the community that have depression but choose not to post.

I Love this... "Despite their different forms, all anxiety disorders share one major
symptom: fear or worry in situations where most people wouldn’t feel

Great post Asi...and Thankyou...its helped me too!

Kind Thoughts