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The Brain Character, what made me really happy.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi All!

I'm new here, I found the website after walking into the toilets at the uni library and seeing a poster with the Brain Character on it. Oh, boy, I thought, THAT is CUTE! I'm a psychology student and also a total sucker for animism from way back so I fell in love with the Brain Character straight away. I looked on the website and found the five animated videos of what that brain is up to! I think that is a marvellous campaign. It's funny, cute, supportive and quirky.

I've done the Brain Quiz and watched the videos, are there any other places where the Brain Character shows up? Will more you tube videos be made with him? (I'd love to see an eating disorder brain myself!) Does he have a name? Any promo gear with him on it that I could buy?

Good work to all who created him. I've got his picture on my phone screen now, so that when I get off the phone and hang up I see him and smile instead of feeling like throwing my phone at the wall (that never happened, but now it never will!)

Thanks Mr Brain!


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Hi, and welcome to the forum!

I am also studying psychology at university. I'm not sure about the brain character, to be honest. I haven't been paying enough attention it seems. I love how there are always posters and notices up around universities, such as for surveys, events, websites, campaigns etc. Some of them have led to me actually attending something I wouldn't have otherwise! Hmm, an eating disorder brain would look very emotional and complex, that's for sure. I've experienced anxiety (OCD), mild depression and an eating disorder before. I still have OCD now.

I hope you continue to enjoy studying psychology!

Best wishes,


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Lazykh,

Great to hear that you like the 'Brains Can Have a Mind of Their Own’ campaign. There won't be any more videos at this stage, but you might want to check out the different channels for the Brain on InstagramFacebook and Tumblr in case you've missed any of the scenarios. We don't have any Brain merchandise as such, but there are a few Brain resources you can download from the resources catalogue (just type 'brain' into the search box).

We didn't name the Brain either as it's supposed to represent everyone's individual brain - feel free to name yours if you like!

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Thanks so much for those links. I have downloaded/saved/screenshotted every last thing I can find with him on it. I think this is what it was like for obsessed Elvis fans in the 50s and 60s - I shall have to get copies of the posters printed to stick on my ceiling. He seems to have a great following so I hope you continue to develop him so I will have lots more pictures to collect over time too!

Just in case he's *not* just an animation, and since he manages to post on facebook under his own name, which I don't know how to do, being a fraction too old for youthbeyondblue (if I have to admit it, but young at heart,... Shhh!... ahem, I digress) Please pass on my message when you see him in the YBB office:

Dear Brain, I find you adorable and funny and I love the way you brighten my day just by seeing you. You also have wonderfully expressive eyes. Most of all I love that you are falliable, just like all of us, but realistic and it's no wonder you have so many friends. I may not be as good looking as you, but I would love to invite you on a blind date. I'm happy to put up with your annoying traits if you can put up with mine, oh and did I tell you I'm studying psychology? We could have a chat about a few things...

Love always dear Brain,


PS: Even if you don't want a date could I PLEEEEEASE have your autograph???

PPS: oh my god, will the fame go to your head? You'll have to do a narcissistic personality disorder Brain 'photo'...