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Sadness getting worse

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Hi people 🙂

I'm new to this but I'll try my best to be understandable. I'm 16 and I recently changed schools and everything has been going great. But lately I've been more anxious and stressed and have consistently felt a really strong sadness that consumes me for a while every day particularly when I'm alone. But the problem is that it comes and goes and each time it goes I feel like it's just a small problem but each time it returns it's worse and it's just getting stronger and stronger and I'm worried how worse it'll get. I think it's because I just feel so inadequate as a human being like I don't contribute anything of any worth to anyone. What doesn't help is that I sorta overthink everything everyone says to me. I just assume the worst most of the time and still I don't feel like talking to anyone because I'm too embarrassed about how mediocre my reason for being sad feels to me. And I just feel so lonely. I don't is this a normal thing for me to feel at my age?

Thanks for reading this if you did 🙂

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Hey Moony. Changing schools can be pretty stressful for a lot of people, it takes you out of your comfort zone. In a sense, you're in a new environment and have to "Learn a new set of rules" so to speak. In that sense, it could be that these new rules conflict with your current views on the world, you were at a different school for a long time, you were used to it, I surmise that perhaps this new environment is confusing you, maybe even on a subconscious level. Overthinking usually happens when you get a small negative sign that cascades into a big negative niggling through. You need to try your best to distract yourself when you overthink, but just incase you need some reassurance, you are DEFINITELY not inadequate as a human being, as for your contributions, they can go so far as a story you write, maybe being nice to a stranger, nice to your family, nice to your friends, I'm sure you're guilty of at least one of those.

Trust me, these are not mediocre reasons for being sad. In fact, most depression stems from really trivial stuff that snowballs and gets bigger. This is normal for your age, I'm not sure if that makes you feel better or not, just know that your pain is real.

Loneliness is the only one of those that seems like an external issue, do you have many friends at school? I find that making online friends is really great if you spend a lot of time indoors.

Thank you jack

You're reply really stayed with me for a while and right now I'm feeling a bit better than I was. I'm really grateful. 🙂

Thank you again