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Anxiety and Depression relating to UNI

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Hi all, I haven't been around the forums much recently. It's because I've been very busy. I've officially left high school and have begun my studies at University.

Whilst it's mostly better than High School, I've noticed that I feel even more anxiety/depression. I was always an emotional person and didn't like to talk about myself much at all at High School, UNI certainly demands that I be more open about myself which I don't find easy or particularly enjoy. We have been giving a lot of creative story telling courses and we have to describe ourselves in fascinating ways as part of these stories, I find this extremely hard as I've never liked describing my hobbies, things about me etc.

My lecturer noticed that I had sort of quietened down over the weeks and told me not to give up the energy (a lot of my course encourages class discussion which I had done), but it reminded of previous troubles I had with confidence and classwork at high school.

Uni is really messing with my friends and I don't know how to cope with at all it either makes me really sad or really frustrated.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

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Hey Liam007!

congratulations for starting uni, well done!

I'm a third year university student, who has gone through the same struggles as you. So, don't worry, you are definitely not alone. I am an emotional person too, and have anxiety because of it. I was in a similar situation when i first started university. emotions literally felt like tidal waves of stress, anxiety, fear, and loneliness.

However, I understand that everyone is different. I used university as an opportunity to change myself and battle through my anxiety. I decided that everyone at university is in the same boat as me. Everyone is scared and nervous. So instead of doing what i always did when it came to socialising (which was nothing), i took a step waaaaay out of my comfort zone and one day when i was sitting in class, i was sitting next to another girl who was also a first year and just said "hello". honestly, we are still friends after 3 years. Simple questions like asking one class mate, if they did the readings, or even just talking about the homework (believe me, university students love talking about the work, because chances are you are undertaking a degree that they are too, which means you have a common interest)

I know how difficult it can be, but honestly taking that step in getting to know people can just take that ease away and make university fun and motivating!

you definitely should talk about yourself! because honestly, no one else is! and you should be proud of what you do in your free time, because ultimately it's those things that makes you unique...it's all you! maybe one of your hobbies is something that one of your classmates may want to try and is hesitant! the world can turn in such strange ways!

encourage yourself to talk about yourself! in relation to your friends, don't worry uni stress is VERY NORMAL! and your friends are probably just going through the same kind of stress!

once all the work is done you can start to re focus on what makes you happy!

i hope my reply helped in some way 🙂

you are definitely not alone! feel free to reply 🙂

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Hey redrose, sorry for the late reply. I've had a hectic few days.

Uni isn't much better for me now, I'm honestly questioning how I'm going to cope with the rest of it. I remember in the months leading to up to my arrival I spent a lot of time alone and by myself. I hoped UNI would make me feel better but it's done the complete opposite, I feel more relaxed on my own...but still miserable.