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Sad, lonely, unmotivated, melancholy glum, down. Whatever you call. I feel it.

Community Member

I have been kind of down lately. I can not place it on something specifically- it is just an overall feeling. The things that usually make me feel happy barely please me. My motivation and commitment to my work is wavering and I don't feel like focussing on anything just drifting day by day. 

 I have no reason to feel like this: I have family and friends, I have future plans and prospects, I have a safe and supportive environment, I have no dire stress or complications. The only thing that is really missing is a steady partner, but I am not distraught about this- just lonely.  

I have been self treating with comfort food and crappy TV but I don't think I can go on like this.  

 I have no idea what to do. Maybe it is just a mood that will eventually go away? I would love some advice or anything to make me feel better!

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Community Member

Hello Lily

Here is a welcome hug if you like hugs. And I am sorry you are feeling down. 

It does sound like you have a lot of blessings there in your life doesn't it? You know I can relate to running to the comfort food, to try to make myself feel better. But you only feel better for just a short while. Is that the same as you then? Anyway what I have experienced with eating comfort food, especially stuff that has refined sugar, caffeine and take a ways, is that it really affects your moods and emotions. After the initial high from the food fix, I actually feel sad, I cry more, get irritable, get angry and a few other things. So maybe this is the same for you?? If you could just ditch any junk, you may feel a bit better.

 Or you could go and see your GP and just have a chat about how you are feeling. They may be able to help more. 

I am not sure if I have helped you any. But I do care. 


Shelley xx

Community Member

Hi Lily,

It was nice to read of all the good things you have in your life.  When everything is going well and you feel the way you do it can feel really strange and hard to work out why you feel the way you do.

I am the same as you and Shelley, in that when things get me down I eat comfort food and hibernate and watch tv. You are right though thst the comfort food is not a long term solution and it can leave you feeling guilty or unhappy.

I think Shelley has the right idea of having a chat with your GP.  Your GP is the right person to chat to about these feelings you are having.  Some of what you have mentioned can be signs of depression. Perhaps have a look at the material in the Beyond Blue site atound that and see if you think these may apply to you.y GP has been great at supporting me. It's a good starting point.

Here for you.  Let me know how you go if you're happy to of course.

Take care,


Community Member

Hi there Lily,

Welcome to Beyond Blue and it’s great that you’ve had two wonderful responses so far;  I’m just hoping to chip in as well, if that’s ok?  That’s really dumb of me to ask, cause it’s not like you can get a choice … as I’ve just barged in.  If we were in a conversation, you could say, No Neil, I don’t need your input and I’d say, that’s fine and wish you a nice day.  But here, oh boy, I’m really starting to dig a hole for myself.   Best I put the shovel down and start to reply to you.

Getting to a GP is a great 2nd step for you … as you’ve already taken a brilliant first step and that was to come here.  Seeking out professional help at this time, I think is a super idea and to explain to them how things are and how you are feeling and how you’re trying to cope.

I’m not much into comfort food … in fact, I don’t even know what comfort food is, but I suspect it’s not very good for you.  I’m somewhat of an exercise nut and as such, my eating is regular (every 3 hours or so) but is all of healthy food.  I generally do a big cook up of a weekend and put my meals into the freezer, so I’ve got that done and sorted for at least a week.  Makes things so much easier and you don’t have to worry about mid-week cooking etc.

It was interesting a few weeks ago, my partner was doing a survey of something to do with food and she asked me the question, how do you treat food?  Is it like:  important for you that you need to eat because it’s tasty and yummy or is it because you treat food as a source of fuelling your body.  Those were the two main ones that I remembered and for me it was absolutely 100% the 2nd option.

With all that you’ve to happening in your life, are any of those things with regard to sports or sporting kind of activities?  That can be so beneficial on so many aspects – getting fitter, eating healthier to help fuel your workouts, working out to help reduce some of the comfort food intake and also, hey, you never know who you might meet at such places.

I’ve rambled on a bit, but do hope to hear back from you.


Community Member

Hi Shelley, 

Hugs back to you and thank you for your kind words. 

I agree with you eating sugary, processed food makes you feel good for a bit, but then even worse later. So I am definitely going to try my hardest to remove unhealthy foods from my diet as my first step to feeling better. 


Community Member

Hi Carol

 Thank you for your advice. Just hearing everyones reassurance has made me feel better already. It is so good to know that I am not the only one who feels this way and I am not in this alone. 


Community Member

Hi Neil

 You have really cheered me up! I defiantly going to try to incorporate more exercise and sport into my life. I really want to make it a social thing and get my friends to join in as well. 

 Thanks for the great advice, 


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey dear Lily!

A very big welcome to you for doing joining the forum. I think you are a very very brave soul. I am sorry to hear about the hard time you are going through, and I hope you will eventually work it all out.

I agree with Neil, I think a great 2nd step will be to talk to a GP, a good GP will always take care of a lot of stuff for you and you will feel very less alone.

When I feel down, I go to comfort food sometimes too, but mostly I watch movies, read, listen to music, or talk to good friends who really understand me, it's great to hear you have lots of support too! Do you talk to your family and friends when you are feeling down too? I find that really helpful. And recently I decided to exercise regularly, I had a run last Sat and that was great, at other times writing down your feelings really helps too.

And I'm letting you know that, everything will be OK, believe in that Lily, and whenever you feel alone, just come here and we will always be here 🙂 (PS my first post didn't go through, so sorry if this one is a bit short :P)

A very good evening and happy Easter weekend to you Lily! Hope you are feeling a bit better 🙂 Lots of love and hugs, also a pat on the back to you to tell you you are doing great, and you will see everything will eventually get better! ❤️

With Love,

Grace xx

Community Member

I am feeling exactly the same lily! I don't know about you but I find it so frustrating when I feel so horrible and unmotivated for everything but people ask why and I can't actually give a reason. There is nothing in my life that is making me feel this way but I can't get out of this slump!

Its kinda nice to hear of someone else who is feeling the same. I don't actually have any advice like everyone else because I'm in the exact same position but hopefully it feels nice to not be so alone! 🙂