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Really need answers and help.

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Hi, I am new to this community and I am hoping to get as much help as I can.

I am 22 and have been suffering with Anxiety for 3 years. It started as a dizzy spell, which contributed every single day, this causing extreme anxiety to the point where I had to stop driving, took lots of time off work, scared to go outside and virtually every medical test you can get. It subsided after a few months, and I was able to do things without this dizziness type feeling getting in the way. It started again nearly 4 weeks ago, and yet again, I have had to stop driving of the fear of passing out, absolute brain fog every single day including, fatigue, feel like I am drugged, severe anxiety, shaking hands, pressure in sinus. I have been to so many doctors, currently seeing a great doctor who wanted blood work done, which I had last week and get results this coming Monday. Also getting a CT scan on my sinuses tomorrow, but I don't see how pro longed lightheadedness (and all the above mentioned) is caused by that. Who knows it could be. I am so down about it now, I only feel good when I am sleeping, It has literally stopped me from studying for the past three years, so I can't do anything that I want to do at the moment. I've also started seeing a psychologist, and he is really great and given me breathing techniques, and other forms of relief. I was really reluctant to get anti depressants, because of the fear of major side effects. It's got to the point that if nothing is wrong with me, I am going to have to go on them. My question is, does this all sound like anxiety? if you suffered from what I have mentioned brain fog...etc, what anti depressants helped you with clearing that? I am at my all point low, my boyfriend doesn't understand what I am going through and I feel like I am not being taken serious or making it up. I feel so down and out of reality, I don't want to live like this anymore, it's absolute torture and has changed me from somebody who would put their hand up first to go bungee jumping, to someone who can't even go into a public place without panicking. I'd love to hear your stories and other recommendations in terms of forums to read. Thank you so much for reading!

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Dear BlessedGrace...my name Paul....

A Warm Welcome to the BB Forums

I am very sorry about this awful place you are in with your anxiety right now. Being in your early 20's the anxiety can bite you hard, as it seems to be doing. I have had severe anxiety for 25 years so I do understand your pain. Even though I am not a health professional I can try to help you. I will stick to point form as it takes much less mental energy to read;

* Yes...It sounds very much like anxiety...a very common and unpleasant problem

* Great effort already having seen a psychologist and the doing the breathing techniques..well done!

* dizziness - a classic sign of anxiety. The adrenaline is pumping and the breaths too short...Lightheaded..

* Brain fog..Yes...Feel like passing out..yes. All symptomatic of anxiety/panic disorder

* Anti-depressants...They can be an invaluable tool so you can build a platform on which you can heal. There is a stigma about these meds but they can help you help yourself to heal. Its similar to a diabetic or any physical injury that you would have to take meds for. Broken limb...Severe toothache....a Virus....an Infection. Where possible I think its great if a person can recover without meds, but it depends on the severity of the anxiety..The newer AD's can be of great benefit to you and help you get through your day. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am on AD's and the side effects are minimal. We cant discuss brand names of meds on the forums but I am one of the more popular ones.

* Your Boyfriend...If you can take him with you to your doc so he hear first hand that anxiety is very real..It will help him understand and thus will be of benefit to both of you and your relationship

* Driving & Anxiety..This can be a real pain BlessedGrace...but the anxiety will lessen in severity and the driving will become easier over time.

* Passing Out....Extremely rare and I have never known anyone to pass out even with acute anxiety attacks..I do understand the physical feelings you mentioned..They are bad feelings...but they will pass..

Please keep the doc and the psychologist going..the more regular the visits the better the relief. If you scroll down you will see The Facts...then click on Anxiety. There is also a great Forum on Anxiety as well.

I do hope you have some peace..soon...The Anxiety does lessen in severity over time BlessedGrace

I do hope you can post back...you are not alone!

My Kindest Thoughts & Wishes


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Hi BlessedGrace. I should think the fear of passing out ( even though Paul has said the chances are rare, would still be frightening). It's possible the driving, combined with the fear of passing out, would make you more anxious. Paul has given you some excellent feedback with regard to including your bf as much as possible so he knows what to be aware of. Perhaps once you start the AD's, your anxiety might ease. Knowing there is something to give you some peace of mind is often a positive, rather than a negative. It's also possible you may only need the AD's for a short time till you learn the breathing exercises. I suffered with asthma a few years ago, while I did have a 'puffer', I was also taught breathing exercises. Together, with the 'puffer', and doing the exercises, the asthma was controllable. I don't actually have the problem now, due to a change also in my domestic circumstances. Anxiety can trigger asthma attacks, not in every case, but that was what my problem was.

I think Paul's ideas are fantastic. The AD's, I feel could also be beneficial.

Best of luck with Dr and psychologist.


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Champion Alumni

Hello BlessedGrace/Lynda

I was just seeing how are going. I also see that Lynda has also been in to help! Lynda has a great deal of experience when it comes to anxiety and how to help you get over the 'speed bumps' that are in your way.

You are not on your own BlessedGrace...here if you choose to post back to us

Kindest Thoughts for you