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Out of ideas

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Hi everyone, im 25, married and live in my mother in laws house, with my sister in law, her boyfriend and their grandmother. I dont really get along with my sister in law that much so i tend to just keep to myself with my husband in our room. At the moment i work 7 days a week. Mon-fri at childcare centre and sat/sun at a supermarket. I want a better job but my depression and anxiety get the better of me and i have no idea what i want to do. I work two jobs as i need to pay off my 20k debt that i borrowed for my wedding and my husband is an apprentice plumber who works for his dad who pays him under minimum wage. Ive told my husband to find another company to work for but he wont. So ive got to pay for this debt alone as he has other bills that he needs to pay. I dont think i want to pursue either of these jobs I only do them to earn money. Id love to quit one to go and study but ive tried studying twice before and both times ive suffered from my anxiety and Depression telling me i can't do this and then running away. I dont know what to do. Earn less money working one job and try study again or keep working both jobs to earn money. But working 2 jobs is really taking its toll on me as i never have much time to myself to just relax.
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One idea is to pay off $10,000 of your loan then refinance the remainder $10,000 over another 5 or 7 years making repayments low and affordable with one job.

Working 7 days a week consistently and you wont last long before you fall in a heap. It happened to me several times. We have to look after ourselves and have holidays.

Living with his family and hubby working for his dad seems a locked in situation. Your in-laws might think they are helping out but really they are stunting hubby growth and independence. Hubby needs to spread his wings and get a place so both of you are free from this lifestyle.

And to top it off you are restricted by not getting along with a sister in law

Time to move out IMO.

Tony WK