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The Young People space is a sub-forum within the wider Beyond Blue forum community.

1. Its purpose is to provide members aged 25 and under a space to discuss anxiety, depression and other related life issues.  If you are aged over 25, please be mindful that this forum is a space for younger people to connect and provide peer support for each other.

2. Content from this sub-forum is displayed on both the beyondblue and youthbeyondblue websites.

3. Please bear in mind that some members find content relating to suicide and/or self-harm distressing or triggering. If you would like to post on these topics, please do so in our Suicidal Thoughts and Self Harm section. Please see also our guidelines for making posts on this topic. Posts made here in the Young People sub-forum containing content relating to suicide and/or self-harm will be moved.

4. These forums are moderated, so your posts may not appear straightaway. Information on how our system works can be found here. Being familiar with our community rules can help ensure that your posts appear online as quickly as possible.

5. This is a peer support community, and to get the best out of being here we recommend that you 'give support to receive support'. More on how that works here.


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