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Just need help

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I don't know what to do, it feels like my entire life is in shambles, I'm practically homeless now but I suffered long before this, I was in an abusive relationship about a year ago where my partner just constantly put me down and controlled my every action, if I did something she didn't like I would get abused for it, she even coerced me and was very manipulative. When I tried to tell the police they just ignored me but listened to her when she put all the blame on me, so I quit my job and would've stopped talking to my friends if I had any, now I try to make new friends but everytime I get close to someone I get scared and stop talking, I have my own psychologist but have no idea how to tell them any of this, I'm afraid of being ridiculed and just feel safe in this manner.
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welcome to the forums.

from the post it sounds as though whenever you have tried to talk to someone it comes back at you negatively, or your words are ignored. And now, it sounds hard to tell your psychologist about this as it seems they will react in the same manner as others in your life.

that would seem to be a normal reaction.

The one question I would ask is whether there is instance where your psychologist has done this?

In my experience, and limited as that is, the space in which you talk to your the psychologist is meant to be a safe space where you can say what you want and the psychologist will listen without judgement.

With that said, the timing might not be right at the moment? Or you do not feel safe just yet?

If you that may something in itself to talk with them about.

Another possibility is for you to write what you want to say and present to them at the next session.

There is no right or wrong way in these situations. Regardless of how long it takes, the professional is there to help you to move forwards towards your goal.

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Hello Nova, because of what has happened to you, just start talking to people rather than expecting them to become friends all of a sudden, friendship starts by communicating with the same people often enough so you can begin opening up to them and vice-versa.

You have every right to speak to your psychologist about your g/friend because it may have caused many problems for you which do need to be discussed.

They will support you, that's their job and trained to do so.


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Welcome to the Beyond Blue forums and thank you for being open here. It sounds like life is really difficult for you at the moment. You are feeling hopeless and exhausted.

As smallwolf said, a psychologist is a non-judgemental person who is supposed to be a safe space. They are trained to listen to you and help you cope with your situation. They are there to help you through your mental health.

Stay safe and i am always here to chat.