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Its so hard

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Does any one else feel like, its so hard to be happy? 

Like everyday is such an effort to get up and ready and put on a smile and do the day. It seems so easy for everyone around me. I'm so exhausted from being sad, and anxious all the time

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I feel like this too! there’s not much going on around me, as in the people, events and stuff, which makes me feel worse because feeling like everything is an effort for no reason makes me feel like I won’t be able to heal. I see people around me and everyone is fine except me which is so exhausting. I hate how I can’t find anyone similar to me (in terms of issues and understanding me/ mental health). I wish I could just do the things I like normally and not feel unmotivated. It’s so confusing, not knowing a root cause or not having consistent feelings to understand my own self sometimes. Like why AM I constantly sad, anxious? Idk what going around u and if u might feel like there’s a root cause to your emotions or if u also feel like me, but whatever it is I hope u get better soon and receive the right support too!

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Sadly, the universe can't bend to our will and we can't always have a good time. When sometimes bad things happen, I try to find something that feels special to me. For you, this could be reading, playing a game or learning how to play a song you love on an instrument. Having small hobbies like this can go a long way, and some downtime never hurt anybody, relaxing is truly an amazing thing and it'll help you look forward to every day. If it helps, I think you are not alone in the fact that you are anxious all the time. It's okay to be scared, but just know that maybe the others are just as sad and anxious, just like you. Make sure to do what YOU want, and don't let anyone else stop you.


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Hi Nymphadora


I've found it can definitely feel challenging, being a sensitive person. When we can sense more than others can, it can give the illusion that there's something wrong with us. As Fzyy mentions, not knowing what the root cause is (what it is we're actually sensing) can definitely prove challenging at times. Over the decades, I suppose you could say I've gradually 'come to my senses' in a number of ways which have served me. From a mind/body/soul perspective (aka 'mental/physical/natural') there can be a variety of reasons for why we're feeling life the way we are


  • Mentally, it can be about belief systems and gaining a better sense of the old ones that've gotta go, while also introducing and exploring new belief systems that can serve us. It can also be about inner dialogue, which can prove really challenging, stressful or even depressing at times. Sometimes it can also involve sensing how we feel or relate to our identity and who we believe our self to be. I've learned 'I'm not who I think I am' allows room for growth. So many more mentally based reasons that can relate to why we feel the way we do
  • Physically, some of the lack of motivation and energy can sometimes be explained with blood tests (iron, B12, thyroid deficiency etc). While we can't necessarily sense what our chemistry's doing, blood tests can. Could also be about sensing a lack of dopamine through side effects we can feel. The seriously unromantic version of who we are is 'A big fleshy bag of chemistry and chemical reactions'. Very unromantic indeed. Should add, developing a skill set in managing our nervous system is an absolute must at times. Found that one out the hard way, while being forced to manage extreme stress a year ago or so
  • On a soulful level, with a bit of woo woo stuff thrown in 😁, the question could be 'What does it mean to be an empath?'. When we can sense or feel other people's stress, when we can feel other people's depressing nature or challenges and when we can feel (amongst a whole stack of other stuff) the anxiety inducing and depressing nature of media, it can get pretty overwhelming. If there's a control knob when it comes to the volume of what we're feeling, too little or too much, mastering the volume becomes a key skill. From pure feeling to complete emotional detachment, the range is extensive. With a far more romantic version of who we are, when scrapping the chemistry talk, we have the ability to feel what's inspirational, feel what's joyful, feel what's depressing or stressful and more. If no one or nothing around us or within us (such as inner dialogue) is inspirational, we simply can't feel inspiration. How can we possibly feel what's not there?

So, 3 different perspectives when it comes to how we feel or sense. While I've come to see sensitivity as being like a superpower in a way, the sensitivity coin definitely has 2 sides to it (the light side and a seemingly dark side). The dark side is not all bad, as it's there to tell us 'It's time to change direction. There has got to be a better way/path'. You could say it's a part of our natural compass designed to direct or re-direct us.