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I get bullied at school for being overweight

Community Member

DAILY I get called names and fat shaming, I don't see a problem in being an overweight person. I know it's unhealthy but i can't help it I just wanna eat whatever I want as much as I can. Something that is kinda worrying me is I'm struggling to walk.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Jayquv101,


A very warm and caring welcome to our forums.


I am sorry that your going through bullying at your school…that is not acceptable at all..

People can be so cruel for many reasons one is to make themselves feel powerful and above the person they are bullying…


You sound like your comfortable in your own self, and I think that’s beautiful…because we are all beautiful people, but true beauty is in the soul and heart…


Struggling to walk does sound like a worry, I am wondering if you might consider reaching out to your Dr. about that concern, to eliminate any illnesses, if it’s your weight causing you struggling with walking then, they might give you some great nutritional suggestions as well as some gentle exercises to help y feel fitter….or your Dr, might suggest get you an appointment with a nutritionist, there’s no pressure at all…these are things you could look into when you feel you’re ready to….all in your own time and pace dear Jayquv..


 I remember that I lost weight to please someone else, it didn’t make me any happier then I was when I was overweight….once that person left my life, I went back to being me…and overweight again…but also felt happier….. it’s who I am…..I am accepting of myself now…


My kindest thoughts Dear Jayquv,