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I want to get pregnant but I have no clue what to do

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I want to be a mum but I have no clue what to do? If I do ever get pregnant and my future baby is a boy I want to name him Little Terry because of a character from a show that I am watching

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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi, welcome


Can you list the things you dont know? eg what services are available, how to care for a baby? etc  Thankyou



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Community Champion

Hello Dear Rose,


A very warm and caring welcome to our forums..


Rose, I think everyone feels like you feel about having your first baby, if your blessed and I hope so much you are, when your first told your pregnant by your Dr. Some Drs, will give you some informational baby brochures and what to expect throughout your pregnancy…if they don’t, then just ask them…also their is so much support offered these days to expectant parents, with exercise classes, There are some online groups you can check out…one is The Bump. Which helps you to understand just about everything you might need to know from before conception to when your child becomes a toddler….that’s just one-line support group, there are many more to be found trough googling pregnancy and motherhood…


Not sure if I have helped at all…Like our lovely WhiteKnight has asked you….and  if you feel up to it at anytime, your very welcome to ask any questions you need to…we are all here for you…


Kind thoughts dear Rose,