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Feeling anxious lately

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Just to be clear, I have never been diagnosed with anxiety and I don't think I have it.

Recently, I have been experiencing a lot of feelings of anxiety. It happens mostly when I am going to sleep, because at this time I have nothing to occupy my mind with. I often rethink my day and obsess over little mistakes I made such as saying the wrong thing in a conversation or making a mistake in my school work or exam etc. I try to control it but it gets uncontrollable and it feels like my life is over resulting in having a lot of trouble sleeping. I have tried meditating and other techniques but it doesnt stop. I have never gotten a panic attack, but my mind starts racing and I get really emotional. Does anyone know how to help? I know it sounds small but I feel like I am being attacked for every small error I make.

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Champion Alumni

Hello Hm, can I suggest that you look at 'OCD test' as well as 'intrusive thoughts', if you can do these tests a few times, preferably not one after the other, but during the day at different times and let us know ho you get on.

Best wishes.


Hi hm

First of all thank you for choosing our online community to be a part of! We are really grateful for you being with us. 

At different time throughout our lives, Anxiety can join us on the journey just randomly. It is definitely not convenient, and it is very miserable - overall this can be from as simple as the brain making sure the anxiety circuits are still working, burnout from a bit too work and not enough play, or just chemical changes in the brain. 

Nevertheless, it is quite an endurance test for anyone to have to go through - please reach out for help! There are lots of resources on the black dog website, which you can find here 

Please reach out to the team here as well: give us call on 1300 22 4636 or click here to start a webchat.

Please stay safe and reach out, hm


Sophie M. 

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Hi hm_

Welcome to the forum, I think Geoff and Sophie give some great advice!

I have similar experiences and I had been diagnosed. In the daytime, we are usually busy doing our things or the surrounding environment distracts us, which prevents these intrusive thoughts from coming into our minds; while at the night time when we are alone and our heads are empty, they come in and occupy easily. One thing I'm learning to do is radical acceptance, I try to accept all these negative things that I wish should've never happened, I also acknowledge my feelings (sad, regret, guilt and anger) towards them, and I think technique does help me in certain degree: yes they happened but I still survive, life goes on. I usually feel calmer by thinking this way, and after that, since I couldn't force myself to fall asleep, I get up and watch videos or do reading as a distraction.

I wonder what techniques you have tried before, feel free to share more here.

Take care

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hey Hm,

Thank you for opening up in your post. I can empathise with your experience. My mind is particularly overactive at night, and I find that I can get quite emotional at this time too.

If you feel comfortable, you could try opening up to a therapist, GP or psychologist about your situation, and they may be able to give you some professional coping tips or mechanisms. I know I've found it therapeutic in the past to be able to chat to somebody about these kinds of experiences.

In terms of general advice, I find that reading helps calm my mind right before bed, as well as turning off my phone well before I intend to sleep. I also listen to ASMR, which can be really calming as well. It gives your mind something else to focus on other than racing thoughts. I don't do it so much anymore but journaling can also be really helpful for consolidating your thoughts and perhaps even identifying where certain feelings may be coming from.

I hope this helps, please feel free to continue chatting with us here on the forums. We're here to support you.

Take care, SB

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Champion Alumni


Welcome to the Beyond Blue forums and thank you for being open here. It sounds like you are really struggling to cope with all of the negative thoughts. The others have given you great advice! Especially going to see a psychologist or your local GP. Even if you think you don't have anxiety, it is still good to speak to a professional about your symptoms.

Stay safe and i am always here to chat.