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Do I have a problem?

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Hi again, 

im worried im posting too much on here lol but my therapists on leave 💀 

My friend and I have just decided to take a 30 day break off the special lettuce but i don’t know if i can do it. I’ve used basically everyday the past couple years..I used it to help with my eating disorder, it helped my mood, my anxiety, my thoughts started to not be so intense. I’ve been off for a couple days now and I can’t stand myself. I hate the way I think, how slow the day goes, I have zero motivation still.. I thought bud might be the problem but i think it’s just me. 

I promised my friend i’d do this with her and I don’t want to let her down or anything - I feel like i’m betraying her if i go back to it 😭 

This seems like a problem..do i need to talk to someone about it orrrr

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear a13xx,


I’m sorry if this is a silly question but what’s special lettuce?…


Kind thoughts,




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omg sorry it means cannabis idk why i assumed people would know what that meant 😂 I wasn’t sure if i could write it on here

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey, please don't worry about posting. It can be hard when your therapist is away and you don't have that confidential and trusted person to talk with. It is great that you have been able to find another support in the interim online. 

It sounds like using the drug has been a pretty big part of your life and that you feel like it has really helped you to cope with a lot of things - from what you've described, it would be incredibly difficult to completely stop using altogether. You are being really harsh on yourself - you are definitely not betraying your friend if you use again. All you can do is your best, and if she is understanding and supportive, hopefully she will be able to be there for you however you go.

Be open with her about how you are feeling and that you feel like it might be a bit too much too soon, that you would like to support her and keep her company but that you feel like you might not be able to complete the full 30 days. If you feel up to it, I'd really encourage you to reach out to one of the helplines available for substance use - they may be able to provide you with some advice and extra support, especially given your therapist is away. The Alcohol and Drug Foundation has a 24/7 advice line (1300 858 584), as does the National Alcohol and Other Drug Hotline (1800 250 015). 

Please don't hesitate to reply on here, we're here to listen. 

Take care.