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Depression and racial discrimination

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I believe Racial discrimination is a big issue in Australia. It really takes a stab at someone, for being what they cannot control or do not get a choice in from the start of their life. In fact, the idea that someone can be treated differently because of their race, colour, descent, nationality or ethnic origin is so wrong that I feel I may have mental health issues. It's just unbelievable. I feel that these attitudes are inherent through people who feel threatened in some way and attempt to marginalize these 'different' people from functioning as human beings in society. I feel like I cannot do anything about it because it is a fact that racism does exist, anywhere really. The act can be so subtle that I do not think many who have experienced it have hope of combating such extreme attitudes.

I just felt like I needed to share my thoughts because I believe that if I feel that I've experienced it, then there will probably be others out there too who wish to be heard.

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Champion Alumni

Hi LemonJnr

Good to see you again. We have spoken before on you other thread. Thanks for posting!

I understand where you are coming from. Racial discrimination should not be tolerated at all.

Humans being what they are there is only so much we can do LemonJnr

I am half Scandinavian and half English but born here and have been called many names as per my appearance

It upsets me to see someone that may be experiencing mental health issues as a result of any discrimination. I really feel for you.

Is it okay if I ask you about your nationality? (if not please ignore) and what symptoms you are experiencing?

There are many gentle people on the forums that can be here for you LJ, I hope you can stick around the forums and provide us with some more detail so we can assist you more effectively

my kind thoughts


I've taken a look at the "signs and symptoms of depression" section detailed on this beyondblue website and while I won't specify my nationality, I can definitely say I tick off at least 3 from each heading. It is even hard to reach out for help because I know not many people who have hit rock bottom or are dealing with hardships will want to speak up or help out others. It is this feeling of vulnerability that people affected by depression don't want to expose or let others know. I don't expect beyondblue to be of much help, after all how many depressed people can actually turn their lives around by communicating with others on forums?


Thanks for posting back

You have a strong desire to recover and good on you. I only mentioned my background as I was called a klogwog for years at school but just letting you know you arent the only one

I joined the forums in Jan last year and have boosted my confidence by doing so. There is also so much info here about other peoples depression that I have also learned so much too

A good GP is usually the best way to start the road to recovery. Ongoing frequent counseling is a huge way to knock depression off its perch.

The forums can be great therapy too. Depression is an illness that is no different to a physical illness as its partially chemically based which makes it the same as a serious virus or high blood pressure etc

It took a few year to 'let people know' about my depression which felt good actually as so many people have this mongrel condition.

Youve already written a great post above and shared your pain too. That takes a huge amount of strength to do LemonJnr and good on you 🙂

I hope you can stick around the forums

my best


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Blue Voices Member
Hi LemonJnr, thanks for posting about this. beyondblue certainly recognises racial discrimination as a significant issue which has impacts on mental health. We have some more information on that here.

I hope you can stick around the forums and keep posting. Our research shows us that the majority of people who post here report a number of positive outcomes, including reduction of symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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Hi LJ don’t lose hope I’m a caucasian female Australian who found upon a First Nations female in desperate need of help . She had one leg and was in a wheelchair trying to get home . 6 people passed her without helping when I stopped and gave her a drink and asked if she was okay. She said no she needed to get home, I organised a friend Uber Driver picked her scripts up then drove her from Caringbah to Rooty Hill at a discount .  She was so grateful to me . I would help anyone but today was a special treat. To all the white trash who left this woman struggling it made me realise that kindness comes from within you, it’s  not what you look like , it’s how to touch and be touched by human kindness. I wish you peace and love and hope more people see the real you. You are a beautiful soul.

be true

kind regards 


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Tutu.

If LemonJnr is still visiting the BB forums, I'm sure they will appreciate your words, & the way you so compassionately reached out to someone in need.




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i know right it sucks so much i'm east asian and people always do that thing where they pull their eyes to the side and say that one chinese racial slur i dont want to say like its so unfair?!!?!?!!?