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cover letter

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hi all, I'm 21 and I would like to find a job so I could have money. The problem is I don't know how to write a cover letter. I've written many cover letters, but I don't have experience to back me up.

Like I study full-time at university, so it is hard to find time to find a job because I have pre-readings and assignments to do. But I can't focus all of my attention on study.
I am currently studying occupational therapy, but I'm not as balanced as everyone else with jobs and social life. Like I know I shouldn't be hard on myself, it's just that life is unpredictable. I might do the degree and not end up with a job. I feel like a black sheep because of my difficult upbringing.

Like if I had time, I should be volunteering or seeking support for cover letter making. I really like OT, but maybe I am setting myself for failure because I come from an abusive household and it's like i'm always stressed.
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Hi countinuousventer,

Cover letters can be tricky, but the good news is there are so many great resources and examples online for you to use!

Also, many companies these days don't bother with cover letters as all of their recruitment is done online.

Coles and Woolies both have online recruitment and they are ramping up casual staff at the moment.

Dont worry so much about employment experience. You can use examples from anywhere. At uni you meet deadlines given to you by your tutors by structuring and prioritising your own workload and priotising your workload.

You work well in a team for group projects. You might even lead some.

You always attend tutorials on time.

These are just some examples.

Good luck

Okay thanks Jess :)) I see what you mean, I'll try making another cover letter

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Community Champion

Hi continousventer,

Thank you for your post! It can be really tricky to write cover letters when you don't have that experience to fall back on, but it's not always necessary. I wrote a cover letter for my very first job and I was only in high school! So no experience whatsoever, but I got the job anywho 🙂

I think what's really important in cover letters is to push the enthusiasm. Even if you had finished your degree or even had experience in the field, it just might not be what they are looking for anyway.

Having come from an abusive background too - I don't think that this has to stop you. Sometimes it can even be reframed as a strength in a career; showing that you have the resilience to push forward even in really tough times.

I hope this helps a little. I really want to show you that no matter what your experience or background - you absolutely can apply and get jobs.


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Community Champion


If you google 'cover letters no experience' there are some great templates to either pull from or get inspired by.

Thanks romantic thief!