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A girl at school is giving me a hard time!!!

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This girl at school, year 11, absolutely hates me, year 8, she holds a grudge cause I went off with other friends and because she hated my sister. She tried to turn everyone against and thinks she the boss of the friend group. This week I’ve been acting out at school cause she came back from having covid and it was nice and peaceful. This week she also stalked my tiktok account and talked bad about me in the comments of one of MY videos. What should I do about her?
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Hi! Just wanted to let you know as well that the exact same thing is happened to my friend group last year and this girl physically bullied me and my best friends. First thing I would do, (if you don't want to talk to a guardian) would be to find support in your friends, especially if they are going through similar things. Make sure they are your closest friends and your can confide in them. If you don't feel like doing above, you can do what I did- I confronted this girl (not meanly). I would talk to the girl and tell her that you are not your sister. If this doesn't work, tell a teacher or parent, however I get why some people don't- they are scared they will be perceived as weak and vulnerable. Don't be worried about this, it is good to speak up. Hope this helps 🙂


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Hello Stitch, I'm sorry this has happened, but one thing to do is block her on tiktok and if you also have Facebook, don't let her know about what's happening and just be careful what you say as other people may tell her, just lay cool for a little while, you can still read other comments but keep yourelf to yourself.

If she has done this with you, chances are that's what she may be doing to other people and eventually wear herself out, remember if she is exaggerating and not telling the truth, while you are, then you will have the support you need.

Try not to worry too much as during life this may often happen and if you can control how you are feeling now, this will benefit you later on.

Good luck.


Ye. There is only one girl in our friend group that I can actually talk to because she actually was friends with her but then she confronted her for being to controlling of everyone so she chucked a hissy fit. Me and her talked to one of our teachers because he’s the youngest teacher here and he’s really supportive. He told us to not snoop to her level and try to talk to everyone and say that we don’t need to listen to her all the time just cause she is the oldest.

thx jade

Thx Geoff.

No one can have a different opinion to her otherwise she will have a tanty. She is dating a year 9, I’m sort of friends with him but he is so uncoordinated, and if she can’t sit next to him she will get angry. She is in the side room, for the 11 and 12s cause they do online courses, and she doesn’t even need to come out of there. If her bf isn’t here she will stay in but if he is here she will come out. Like bro, grow up. She was always telling me that I liked ____ and that we should date, and then when we did date she said that I was using him. Practise what u preach woman.

here for u.... I feel u ❤️

thx ❤️