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Drama within my friend group makes me stressed.

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Hello everyone.

My friend group has heaps of drama and its making me overwhelmed and stressed.

My friend group consists of about 7 people and they all are in on things without me and attack me for no reason, they make me feel like a outsider. They get angry and start fights over me not liking a video game. They also just say some really rude things to me and my other friends.

I just want to keep my relationships and don't want the fights and drama. I love my friends but I don't have the emotional capacity and time to deal with all of this. It makes me so stressed and anxious.

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Thank you for being so open here. I can see that you are feeling conflicted and distressed. You are so strong.

'Friends come and go' That is what my dad always used to tell me. I always thought he was deluded telling me that but he was right. It is good to love your friends but sometimes they aren't worth your time. You have to make sure they are giving the same effort as you are. You have to make sure that they love you for who you are. You have to make sure that they will always support you no matter what.

Think about those things. Are they really worth it? Remember you will find the right friends eventually.

Stay safe and I am always here to chat.

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sophia has given you support and a suggestions.

Friends can disagree . You love your friends yet you write you don’t have the emotional capacity to deal with their behaviour.

If your friends get angry and are rude , making you overwhelmed and upset, are you willing to keep them as friends

I am listening to you.

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Good on you for being open and vulnerable. It can be extremely taxing to try and keep everything in so welcome to the forum

Adding on to these awesome responses, one of my favourite quotes in life is that “People are here for a reason, a season or a lifetime.”

In situations like these, it might be worth having a think about what your friends offer you, how they support you or what actions/qualities they have that you really admire in them. If these are questions that you find hard to answer, it might be worth thinking whether they are good editions to your life.

As amazing as it is to have a social circle, you want those around you to uplift, empower and accept you for the great qualities that make you, you! It might not be worth spending time with people that make you feel otherwise, especially since its the source of some pretty overwhelming feelings for you. Do you feel confident that you will be heard if you voice how you are feeling

Whatever you decide, know that you are worthy and that there is always someone here that will always have time to hear you out!

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hi there,

these responses are awesome! i think that friendships have a lot to teach us, we learn what good and bad friends are throughout life. sometimes it can feel upsetting to learn this, but other times it is a good lesson.

treat this as a lesson - are these friends really worth your time? could you find better friends who have the same values as you?

i hope things improve,

jaz xx