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Wow awesome site, really helpful!

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I just read about this site on the news and was pleasantly surprised to find the list of DIY help. I opened a word document and started making a list of goals and things that I enjoy. Recently I was actually struggling to think of goals and things I like/would like to do.

I cant wait to explore and see what else is offered on this site but even if nothing else appeals to me I'm in better spirits now than before I arrived and I'm heading in a new direction.

Thank you
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Dear beyond,

What is your poison, so to speak ?   Depression, Anxiety, PND, Related Disorder, Youth, Suicide, Tie the Anti Depression Tablet Down Sport or other ?  The communication on the Online Forum is moderated so, hopefully, there is not trolling or aggravation.  I'm not sure if you can stop a bit of flux and mental health can be tremendously frustrating and discriminated against.

Sometimes I wish I'd been normal like Charles Manson.  Lol.

Adios, David.

PS One of the long term responders (apart from me) is called Geoff who gets up at 2am to respond.   What other site has that kind of dedication and weakness of bladder ?  Seriously, he just has different hours to most.  But it's still impressive.

Dear Geoff,

Remember when I had band work last NYE and ended up with a manic admission ?  Part of the trigger was not sleeping or over responding so don't be surprised if I cut down my responses till 2014.  Matron's orders.  Lol. Might just chill.

Sometimes you never know if you've helped someone but responders can keep trying.  I had a couple of compliments this week and one "you don't get it" so even after the clocked up 2,000 responses on this new BB system a responder is still feeling their way in the dark.  My humour masks my anguished years well.

I took on a major media outlet this week with their stigmatised way of reporting mental illness.  However, as no printed response will be forthcoming I can't feel that despite all our best intentions BB has still got years of ignorance to champion.

I'll be back.    You realise you're cheating at Christmas time when you hang those Size 14 socks up.  Be a good grandfather (Glug) and buy madam a pony.

Adios, David.

PS   "There are many wonders in the world but the most wonderful is man"  Aristotle, on his way to buy a new curtain.  Lol. [c/f movie "Alexander the Great"].

dear David Charles, my friend, I know that your humour masks your condition, and I'm not sure that you will see this, but I realise all the pain that your bipolar creates for you.

If only we could just walk through an electronic door that went zap, and we were suddenly cured, maybe one day, but it's too far away.

I really hope that you can find a little relief from your illness, I know it's probably impossible, but hell you deserve it, just as all the other people do as well.

Take care. Grug.