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Size of pages on my screen

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I am having trouble with the scale of Beyond Blue's pages on my computer screen. 

I do have a new computer but I am not having the same difficulty with any other sites.

The posts are too wide for my screen for me to read them without scrolling back and forth.

Am I the only one having this difficulty. Obviously if I am it would be something to do with my computer.

With thanks, Mulberry.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey Mulberry 

I can't help you at all except to say all good on my computer.  Your post caught my eye because BB was the nickname we all used for our youngest cousin.  Baby Bettina.  Funny how nicknames stick she's now a mother with three kids and still gets BB.

Sorry way off your track there.  I hope you're able to get your BB problems sorted.

Cheers amamas

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Dear Mulberry,

I used to have that problem on the old system (just used to scroll a lot !).   These days, there is good techie support so hopefully Christopher Banks will get down to more detail. 

Either that or we have an imposed limit of 15 words per response.  "Have you thought about going to your GP about this and talking to him/her ?" just scraping in.

Adios, David.

Hi David,

Thanks 15 very long words would still have required scrolling. Although the word limit is appealing from a time management perspective might end up with Douglas Adam's super computer type responses. 

I have found my problem. It was in the browser settings. Pretty simple really just needed to walk away from it for a bit for the thinking to clear. Now I feel a bit silly for posting. 

peace, Mulberry.

Community Member

Hi amamas,

I am thinking BB may also be a type of gun. I will try to be more selective in my word usage. Thanks for responding, Mulberry.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
dear Mulberry, I don't know if you are using firefox and if you are try this 'where is the zoom button on firefox' it's an addon for firefox. Geoff.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Mulberry,

It's a little odd that you're not having this problem on other sites... can you tell me what operating system and browser (including version) you are using and I'll look into it?

Other than that, in the meantime, you can either adjust your screen resolution size (right-click on the desktop and a menu will come up if you're on PC), or hold down the CTRL key and hit + (to make bigger) or - (to reduce) the size of text on pages.  If you're on a Mac instead of a PC, use the COMMAND key then + or -.

Hope this helps in the meantime.


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