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Merry Christmas to BB, and all forum members

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

 Hi everyone,

I actually wrote this post under Community ???? (the first heading) but am worried that it will get missed by a lot of people.

I am writing to wish all staff at BB and online forum members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

I joined BB about 6 months ago seeking to speak to others in similar situation as myself. I have been amazed at how much support, love and advice has been given to me over the 6 months.

This is such a hard post to write, but I wanted to write something special from the bottom of my heart to each and everyone of you on BB.

I suffer from depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, childhood sexual abuse and parents abandoning me 3 yrs ago when I told them of my abuse as a child.  

From my very first post to now I have always received beautiful, truly inspiring messages.  Although some of my messages haven't been too great when I've hit rock bottom and thought I had no one to turn to - I would always get a reply back.  Even those dark times when I've thought of suicide (2 days ago) I have received messages from you guys picking me up again and making me feel that I am worthy. 

Everyone has given me so much strength that I thought I never ever had. The encouragement and support is greatly appreciated. 

I know that my Christmas will be a bit overwhelming with no parents but I do have my hubby and 3 adult children that will be with me. I know I will probably have a cry (just like right now!!!) but I am sure I will be okay on the day.

I have made so many "online forum friends" and I hope to continue sharing our stories and encouraging each other with love and support next year.  

I am so glad that BB exists, because if it wasn't for BB I know I wouldn't have met so many friends on here.

So, everyone please take care over Christmas.  I know it's a very difficult time for a lot of us, but try to share some joy and love with someone (even if it's your pet!!).

Hope that everyone has a nice Christmas with their loved ones and hope that 2014 is a bigger and better year for everyone.

Love Jo xx

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Jo,

This is weird! I posted the below brief response this morning and it said it sent as in did not come up with a system error. I have noticed a number of posts I have sent have not gone through. This is a problem that I need to inform BB of.

Hi Jo,   Thank you for your Christmas and New Year wishes. I hope you also have a Merry Christmas and New Year with your husband and children. Love Suz xx

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Well written Jo 100% agree and I second that merry xmas to everyone at beyond blue and on these forums and thankyou to all of you for helping me out as well. Lets hope 2014 is much brighter happier healthier for all of us . take care to everyone xx