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Why am I here?

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Only hopped on following email about changes. Often I think about reaching out on forums. Just learnt to hide and deal with world in my bubble. Getting older and older caring for my father and never had a relationship or even basics that others take granted. Considered professional encounter but I scared. And now its too late (this what I mean I now feel unwell but I have to care for my dad). I did have odd friend but rare times and last friend was over decade ago. Im not got holding conversations. I do struggle a lot and have hard time getting through the day but dont drink or drugs. Trying to get back into painting and that makes me feel better. I cant handle rejection well and tried applying for jobs and after all hardwork writing dont get interview (I dont know how to communicate to others. plus no references but highly skilled and solid independent worker).  Live in regional city and have to hide. Love traveling but been couple of years. Situation now: 1.Still relationship alone and its too late me, hurts alot. I have to hide/scared of people/not good understanding others. 2. Rentals hard to find and my unit 10 yrs NRAS is to be sold off 😞 as too dad NRAS ending. I dont want to live with him but what can I do?? Dad more risk of homeless because age pension isnt enough to survive with way rent skyrocketted. He will need more care anyway as age 87. 3. If I stay away in my bubble Im better but anxiety for future. Have great week anyway;)
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Replying to myself lol. If I was to rewrite what I wrote in simplicity... Thought I checkout the forums following email today (that is all). I really havent changed. Still scared of interaction. Looking towards the future with big changes coming soon. Accepting life as it is. I was trying to avoid live-in caring scenario but I have to embrace it. I get very lonely at times and Im not a social person. chexking out forum just out of curiosity.

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Community Champion

Hey GeminiLion,

Thanks for your post. I understand this is a bit of a change, and perhaps a challenging change, for you to post here. I also tend to just deal with things in my own bubble and I understand it can feel a lot safer and more secure, but it can be hard to just deal with everything that way.

From your post, it sounds like you are struggling to deal with your relationship and living situations, but you have found a hobby in painting that helps a little bit. I'm glad you have been able to find something, as it sounds like the hardships you are struggling with are really hard to manage. It's also good to see you post here, and I help that sharing that bit of your story with us can help in some way.

If you'd like to talk a bit more, it would be nice to hear if you've tried any hobby groups where you can just do your own hobby on your own, but around other people. In my own experience, I went to a writing group where a lot of us just sat down in a pub and wrote our own things, then some people stayed and talked while others just left. It was actually a really nice way to feel like a part of something, without having the pressure of talking.

I hope you have a nice week as well!


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Champion Alumni

Hello GeminiLion, can I ask if you are a carer for your dad and ask you to google this:
'https://www.myagedcare.gov.au › caring-someone', as there is help out there for you while looking after him.

As well as googling 'NRAS' which you may have already, but please get back to us so this can continue.