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Thanks for this forum

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I'm new here, but so glad I've registered.  I've had chronic anxiety for a long time, it's not with me daily, but I do have medication.  I am so relieved that others have the same symptoms as me, I immediately felt better.  Leaping chest, sore shoulders, aching between shoulder blades, aches and pains everywhere.  Sometimes I'm nervous about exercising (walking) in case I have a heart attack!  I've had counselling and I know how to control it,  don't always, but thanks to everyone here.
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Champion Alumni

Dear Elspeth

Hello and welcome to Beyond Blue. It's good you have found comfort in the posts from other people sharing the same problem. I found it a huge relief that I was not the only one with my thoughts and feelings. It doesn't make the feelings go away but it certainly helps us move forward on our journeys.

One thing I have found helpful is to join in some of the conversations on this site. Quite often I find that while I am making suggestions to others, sharing tips and generally chatting, I am also talking to myself. My comments come from my own experience of mental illness but writing down the experiences or tips helps me to move forward. You may find the same thing happens for you. Talking to others in the same space and who understand where you are is such a relief.

I look forward to reading your posts.