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New to the group , hi.

Community Member

Hi all , I've been suffering anxiety / depression for a long time now. Mainly anxiety . I do take medication , so it's under control . As I'm deaf in both ears , I believe life is more stressful for me as I m having to conform to a hearing world . I can speak well and hear on the phone with he help of a hearing aide .     I would love some advice on how to get my family to understand the best way to support me while I'm having anxiety . My daughter thinks that I bring it on with negative thinking and has a go at me while I'm having an attack of anxiety .  

Regards  Zoocy 

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Zoocy 

welcome to beyond blue forums and good on you for taking the first step and reaching out on these forums. Unfortently I can't give you any advise on how to get your family to understand you and support you as I have that trouble myself. And I know their is still a huge stigma on mental illness even within families.but hopefully other people on this forum will have some advise. And I am not sure but beyond blue may even have some information about anxiety that your family can read through.

take care and good luck