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Successful and worth knowing about -Groups to attend - Focussing on overcoming Anxiety

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ANXIETY!! Social Anxiety, in particular...

**I'm Looking for a group (small group? lol) South of river, free if possible? ..where people/ me with anxiety can attend and get something positive to walk away with. Not online, but in Actual Person in the real world.

Having anxiety , for me I think, I've got a "pretty good handle" on things... because I'm honest with myself and have a chosen select few family members I can be honest with and talk to! so vital, when you suffer from anxiety.  

I do the basic stuff  (eg: exercise!!!, cut out stimulants ie. coffee, tea, cigarettes, breathing techniques, yoga/ meditation etc, healthy diet..I recommend doing this, it helps me) regularly, which has a positive effect on me, compared to my past (I don't take medication and I look at natural approaches always to my health, I believe in it!)

**That being said, although, I have support from family and do everything I can, I still would like to be informed about places/ groups to attend...where I can be around other people "who ACTUALLY" Know what it is like to have anxiety (& everything that goes with it: social anxiety, panic attacks, depression ) and learn/ listen/ maybe even talk (wouldn't that be good?)... how other people deal with this.. I feel like it could be an effective way to learn and maybe even overcome this annoying problem.





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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Kezzei

Not sure of your location/state, but in most cases your local mental health facility (usually co-located with most public hospitals) will have a list of various support groups.  You night find one that meet your needs. 


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Blue Voices Member

Hi Kezzie, welcome to the forums. We can't provide recommendations for support groups here on the forums, but if you call our support service they should be able to provide you with some options.

In the meantime, we have a lot of threads on social anxiety if you would like to talk here with our members:

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