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Hello All!

At this time of lockdowns, it is very important for self-care. We have to be always grateful for the gift of today. Easily, said than done. If I may share, I wake each day to be thankful that I am whole, inside and out. That, I am responsible for my well-being so that I would be able to give a smile to the people around me. To share my self-care:

*I go out for a walk to talk to nature. I found out that it is very refreshing to connect with nature.

*I reach out to a friend or somebody who needs listening ears. I realised that if I do this I feel better on the inside.

*I regularly communicate with my family who is far from us (as we are scattered around). Thank you for the online technology.

*I do my regular exercise to perk me up more.

*Read inspiring books to rewire my brain. This is the time to learn other crafts.

* I keep watching good feel movies.

I also learned that I must make a firm decision to be positive each day and discard the negativity.

Most importantly is a deep meditation for my inner peace. I have to love myself first because I cannot give what I do not have.


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Mark Z.
Community Champion
Community Champion

Great practice Maria!

May I ask how you get into the state of deep meditation? I've read articles, watched videos, used apps, but it seems hard to get into "flow state".


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Champion Alumni

Hello Maria.

This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us.

I couldn't agree more - self care is essential always, especially during lockdown. I've been finding it difficult myself to be motivated and in good spirits. Taking the time to eat a decent meal or make my bed has been a struggle some days, and easy to neglect since we're cooped up inside.

I also love to go for walks in nature - put on peaceful music, a podcast, or even just walking and listening to the peaceful sounds around me. It really clears my head, especially when my mind feels foggy from being inside or working for too long.

I've been learning songs on guitar which has been very relaxing for me. Taking time to dedicate into a hobby can easily feel like a waste or "could be put to better use", but I'm in the process of justifying that it's as important to do things I enjoy, especially mindful activities. It is very helpful for easing anxiety and unpleasant emotions to be in a flow state of doing something you love.

I've been having video calls with friends where we play games, watch movies, catch up on life, or even just study or work together. It's been very helpful for me to not feel as isolated. Generally when I'm talking to people, I find my mood drastically improves. A good talk or just being in someones company in the background is something that I don't realise I need until I feel a lift in my mood.

Self care isn't always easy. I'm interested in knowing everyone's thoughts - do you find it hard to commit to self care? Have you made it a priority in lockdown, or are you finding it difficult? What are your thoughts on self care activities?

What kind of self care activities do you find important in your life?

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Maria B,

Wellcome to our forums!

Thank you for your post.

I agree 100 percent 🙏❤️

I too make a firm decision to be positive each day and disregard negativity…… this in turn gives a positive flow of energy within us…..

I like to give a random stranger flowers just to make their day….. to be honest it makes mine to see the gratefulness in their faces…..

Even paying an extra few dollars at the coffee shop to pay for the next person s coffee to their surprise 😊

Thanks for your beautiful post ❤️

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member


I agree 1000%, self-care is so important. And it is great to hear that you're able to engage in what sounds like some really positive and helpful self-care!

I sometimes find it difficult to remember to engage in self-care, but you have reminded me to engage every day in at least one thing that makes me feel good, so thank you.

Have a great weekend!