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Well that's new...

Community Member
Hi All,
I'm a 40y/o woman who has been living with anxiety & depression for years, so I thought I was pretty familiar with my symptoms & how they feel - but today I took myself for a walk to try & calm down & I realised how "bouncy" walking felt with the accompanying anxiety twitches, which made me giggle & I think that helped almost as much as getting myself out & moving did so I wanted to share 🙂
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Purrple,

A very warm and caring welcome to our forums...

Thank you so much for sharing your bouncy walk and giggles...

Its always so beautiful to hear a very inspiring and helpful post...

I hope to see you around these forums...

My kindest thoughts lovely Purrple..


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hey Purrple,

Welcome to the forums!

What an interesting and funny little story! Thank you for sharing it 🙂

I hope that bouncy feeling continues to lighten the load and your day, haha


Community Member

You're doing great.

I can't even go for a walk as too upset so continue that and take others better support than me.

Mark Z.
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Purrple,

What a wonderful share!

I can imagine that finding the key to yourself is a great joy.

Every small step forward is worth it.



Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Well, Purrple, reading your post sure did me some good.

I wonder what wearing bouncy shoes would add to your walking? What about dancing? Other rhythmic movements, for when you can't conveniently get up and walk around?

All the best.