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Overwhelmed & Lost

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Hi Everyone, first time here for me.  I left my highly stressful job just recently and started another job that I have found to be just as stressful. I plan to resign tomorrow from this new job. I guess my concern is being unemployed.  I, like everyone have bills to pay but I am a mess and don't think I can continue to go to work in this headspace.  Just reaching out to see whether anyone has experienced this and how they get through it?

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Hey Jenren and Welcome to the forums


I understand your situation as I have been through it....Just for myself I had some heavy duty stress/ anxiety attacks and stayed in the same job (which only made my anxiety worse)


Through my own experience....If your stress levels begin to have a detrimental effect on your day to day well being it may be time to find a job that is less demanding.


Only if its okay Jenren...can I ask what stress symptoms you are experiencing? If not, no worries at all


any questions are always welcome


we are good listeners!



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Hello Jenren, to be employed in a job that's stressful for you, is certainly not going to help you if you are experiencing any type of MI, unfortunately, we only hope that this job will be able to correct how we are thinking and then make us feel better, sometimes this doesn't happen and create other problems, that's when you decide to leave and apply for another job.

What may be the problem and I'm only guessing, is that may be there could be issues that you are still struggling with and haven't been able to resolve them, and this can happen on many occasions.

If, unfortunately, this is your situation, I'm really sorry, but perhaps if you go to your doctor they can diagnose you and then write a letter to Centrelink telling them you aren't well enough to be working, then you may begin to get the benefits from them to help you through.

Ask them about the 'mental health plan', which entitles you to 20 Medicare paid sessions to see a psych per year and ifthis happens, then ask them to also write a letter to C/link.


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Hi Jenren,


I am sorry this is happening. It must be really hard for you.


Have you seen your GP or a psychologist about these feelings? This could really help you and help to manage the stress you are experiencing.


What do you think is causing the stress at these jobs? Is it all just too much?


I hope things improve for you,


Jaz xx

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Hi Jenren,


Nice to meet you. 


That's such a tricky situation, that pull between needing to have an income and not coping well in the job. I would find it hard too if I were in a job that was high pressure.


It sounds like this is probably something you need to talk through with someone, in order to work out whether the benefits of one option (leaving) outweigh the other (staying) and that either way there is going to be some difficulty and uncertainty.


Some things I would consider if I were in your position:


- If I were to stay in my current job in this headspace, how might that effect my performance? Will I still function half-well or am I likely to have a complete meltdown at work?

- Is there anything I can do to change the stressful job? Can I cut back my hours, would I feel comfortable talking to someone higher up about my struggles?

- If I did leave, what are my chances of finding employment in the recent future which I would be happy to do/try?


It's a really tricky decision to make unfortunately. 

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Hi Jenren, I am having a similar sort of problem with feeling completely overwhelmed, and quit my job a couple of months ago too, because of it. It’s so debilitating,  it takes so much time and effort to do anything.  I found quitting work helped eased the acute stress of being unable to deliver on my job responsibilities. I am still really struggling with basic day to day stuff though. It’s taken until now for me to even make an appointment with my GP to start trying to work out why I’m feeling like this.  I am sorry to hear you are feeling so overwhelmed too, though it is good to know I’m not alone in this experience. Maybe we can compare notes on how we go? So far I have been managing by sleeping a lot, trying to make sure I do basic things like taking medications, eating breakfast, walking the dog - and trying to do at least one other task each day. And not beating myself up if I don’t. And realising that cold rainy weather seems to make it even harder.  I hope you got on ok at work when/if you resigned, take care of yourself.

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Hi Jenren.

I feel like im in a situation almost mirroring yours.   I recently left a job that i had been in for some 14 years.   I am now unemployed and struggling mentally with my day to day life.  I recently did a couple of days in retail doing stocktake . I found it tough and dont now if i want to go back .   Ive worked outdoors all my life and am not sure where to turn.     Just want you to now your not alone and im interested to hear how your going.  Brett 

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Thanks for reaching out. I find myself on the verge of tears all the time.  I often wake up several times during the night and can't get back to sleep and I have trouble shutting my thoughts down.  I have purchased some natural vitamins to help with stress and sleep.  Not sure these are helping much now.  I have made a GP appointment to see if I can get sleeping pills, but I am scared as some days, when I feel really overwhelmed I thin of taking my own life and they would perhaps be to much of a temptation when I am in this headspace.

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Thanks Puglet I have spoken with my Manager and explained some of my situation.  I have offered to work my 38 hour week within 4 days so I can have some work life balance.  This is difficult though as it is a new job and I am still on probation.  I feel the best course of action is to complete my probation period and see how I am feeling at the end of this time.  I left my previous job because of the stress of the role and it seems I have jumped into another stressful position.

Dear Jenren

We're sorry to hear how low and overwhelmed you're feeling lately. We've read your post and we're concerned about your well-being (and safety). We've reached out to you privately this morning. Please check your inbox.

Jenren, we encourage you to talk with your GP about your feelings and concerns while you are at your appointment. Your GP should really hear how you are feeling and be able to assist you with appropriate care and referrals, and this is something they should definitely know. 

We also recommend having a look at our suicide safety planning app called. It's a good idea to visit this earlier rather than later wherever possible - it's very helpful for those who are feeling at risk, and you can even complete it with a counsellor over the phone if you like? It's called 'Beyond Now' and you can find it here.

Please consider calling one of our team of counsellors on 1300 22 4636 (24/7) to connect and talk about the way you've been feeling as well. Lifeline and/or the Suicide Call Back Service are also good support options if you ever need.

IMPORTANT NOTE - PLEASE: Call 000 (triple zero) if you feel you're ever in immediate danger to yourself, or take yourself to your nearest Emergency Department for mental health assistance if you need at any time.

Kind regards,

Sophie M