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Not feeling as lonely.

Community Member
Hi all, thought I would keep you updated, I'm starting to like my own company and I'm not feeling as lonely, I'm going to work with someone so i can achieve my goal of how to treat people with respect and make new male and female friends. Looking forward to it. Have a wonderful weekend πŸ’•.
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Community Member

Hi Pinkwhite!

I haven't read your previous stuff and am not sure where to find it since this seems to be a new thread, so I'm not sure the exact situation you've come out of, but am here to celebrate with you that things have apparently improved!

I can feel a sense of hope and peace radiate from your report and I hope that this feeling can carry through for you in your journey.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Pinkwhite,

Its always so heartwarming to listen to a positive post...

I am so pleased for you that you don’t feel as lonely anymore...

I have faith and belief in you Pinkwhite....you are one awesome and beautiful person....I wish you all the best luck I have that you continue to move forward and enjoy your new friends...I have no doubt at all that you will achieve your goal...Well done!

Thank you so much for wishing us a wonderful weekend...I hope you also have a wonderful weekend...

Kind thoughts Dear Pinkwhite...


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Well done on turning things around! All the best

Community Champion
Community Champion


thanks for your feedback and letting us know lif3 is imptoving.

On The Road
Community Member

Hi Pinkwhite, it's heartening to see this post at late night, when many ppl would feel the loneliest during the day.

It's good to see you starting to like your own company which is a crucial step for self-care, and also working to socialising. This is something I currently working on as well. πŸ™‚

All the best!