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Hi my name is Ramos

Community Member
Hi, my name is Ramos. I am an example of a clachy neurotic obsessed with depression. It took me about ten years to feel better... Maybe my experience will be helpful to someone or I can support someone. thank you
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Ramos & welcome to the Forums. Thank you, for your generous offer to help others using your own lived experiences.

I hope to see you around & to chat more sometime.

🙀too tired now, though....


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Ramos, hi and welcome.

Your obsession dominating in depression is really sad, so if you could help others, are you able to explain how you were able to do this.

Best wishes.


On The Road
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Ramos,

Welcome to the forum 🙂

Things have been hard for you that you have suffered for a long time, it's heartening to hear that you are feeling better which shows hope for many of us. Feel free to share more stories if you want, we're here to listen 🙂