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Greetings/first post

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Hope whoever reads this is well/doing okay wherever you are! I’ll try and keep this short.

I’m a 22 year old in her final year of uni. Been battling ARFID since a very young age. Tried treatment and failed multiple times. Currently medicated for severe anxiety and depression.

Struggling with coping with the effects these all have on my relationship, hobbies, decisions and the general stress of having no drive or any feeling of hope for the future. Past few weeks in particular have been the most difficult yet.

I’m sure there’s at least one person out there that knows the feeling. Joined in the hopes that, at the very least, I can lend an ear/support where needed and see how others have learnt to cope.

Thanks for reading.
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Hi, welcome

The first I've heard of ARFID. Hope someone here knows about it.

I eliminated anxiety totally, well 99% , and it took me 22 years but made significant inroads during the journey.


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With depression early on I found acceptance to be the biggest challenge. Also waiting for my motivation to return rather than striving for it at the worst times

Beyondblue topic the timing of motivation

Meditation can't be underestimated to its benefits.

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Youtube prem rawat all is well

I hope that helps. Well done in getting this far in uni.

Repost anytime.


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hello and welcome to the forums.

I had to the term you mentioned in your post to find out what it was. Given what you said in your post I assume you are getting professional help (and able to talk to someone about ARFID)? I also imagine it would be very frustrating when treatment fails.

there are people on the forums here, who while not have the issue you mentioned, would be familar with feeling of having no drive or feelings of hope. I am one of those persons. I don't know what coping or managing strategies you might have. I know what I had to do.... and not saying it is easy. But getting through each is a positive.

Maybe you can educate me and others about ARFID? Or you might just want to talk about how you are feeling? Or something totally different?

If you want to chat I am listening. Because you are worth it.

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Hello Dolphinity, ARFID I believe is 'Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder', and Butterfly 1800 33 4673 may be where you can get the help you need, you may have already, but very sorry you are struggling with this.

The last few weeks seem to have been very difficult for you, so we'd really want to help you, if you can get back to us.

Take care.


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Hi dolphinity

Welcome to the forum 🙂 Feel free to share more about your stories and your concerns. If you don't mind please tell us more about ARFID. is that something about eating disorders? I heard that some people develop eating disorders when they reach middle age and have suffered weight loss. I'm sorry that the things combined have been hard for you. I'm sure there are some ppl with similar experiences that would like to share with you in this forum. take care 🤗

Hi all, apologies for late response and many thanks to your replies.

I’m happy to educate others about ARFID- in my case it’s been an issue since I was very young, but I got officially diagnosed at 16.

The following is an exert that explains it well please let me know if more clarification is needed:

Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) is defined by the DSM-5 as an eating or feeding disorder characterised by a persistent and disturbed pattern of feeding or eating that leads to a failure to meet nutritional/energy needs


Essentially I struggle to eat more than a very select few foods, many of which pretty bland (Eg. White bread, small amounts of chicken breast etc) and at times restricted by particular brands or textures. Naturally, it’s difficult navigating social settings/it’s often dismissed as just picky eating or me being spoilt and stubborn.

I’m probably one of the only people around that dreams of eating a salad hahaha. But as aforementioned, struggle to swallow or taste unfamiliar or ‘fear’ foods even if they appeal.

Hello Dolphinity, I'm sorry to know this is what you are struggling with, but know someone who used to be a close friend, but now has drifted away and I don't see much of anymore, due to circumstances, but that's what she would only eat is a salad and anything else would make her sick.

Best wishes.