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Newby here

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Hello all, i have lived with anxiety for quiet some time now. Most painfull is hypocondria as it makes it all too real. I am 38 years old, wife and a mum to two little girls
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Hi and welcome to the beyond blue forums.

Please know that this is a great place where users are supportive and non judgmental in their replies.

You mentioned having anxiety for some time. May I ask what sort of support you have?

Elsewhere on the forums you can find threads on grounding and mindfulness where users have talked about what works for them. Some of these might be helpful to you. What works for you?

My own experience shows me that anxiety tells me stories about myself that are not true. And I have to remind myself these are just thoughts.

Peace to you.

Hello smallwolf....wow i found your point of view extremelly interesting and something i have never thought of before."My own experience shows me that anxiety tells me stories about myself that are not true" -what a great way to look at it. I believe im in the same boat. I always think something is wrong with me. When i say something i mean medically. I am speaking to a pschych but this time my balance issue is so real that i cant even relax when im speaking to him. In regards to general support-its hard. I am seeing effects of my anxiety on those closest to me so i try to hide it as much as i can.

Thank you for reaching out it means a lot

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Hi Sanja04

A big warm friendly welcome to the forums!

You are definitely not alone, I definitely have suffered from hypochondria type anxiety. Especially at night, I start to worry and start to spiral into researching for hours. I have started to notice the signs of when I'm starting to do this and try to 'break the cycle'. It definitely takes a lot of work and practice though.

We are here for you!

Hello missep123

Thank you so much.

My pleasure!

How have you been feeling recently?

We are here for you!

Hi missep123

As you can imagine, some days are better than others. Hopefully it starts picking up owards better only soon. Thanx for checking in

Jazz and Blues
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Hi Sanja04,

Those of us who have lived with anxiety know just how crippling it can be. You mentioned a balance issue. Do you mean this in a physical or emotional sense?

If it is physical, please know that it is not uncommon for anxiety to be so overwhelming that it can create its own physical symptoms. The fact that they are caused by anxiety doesn't make them any less real! It just means that the way to address the physical issue is through addressing the anxiety.

Your attempts to hide your anxiety and limit the effects on those around you resonate with my own experiences of mental ill health. It has taken a long time to realise that such efforts are self defeating. When we cannot express or stress, anxiety or strong emotions, they tend to come out in other ways, including physically.

Welcome to the forums as a fellow newbie! Please keep in touch with how you are going.

Hi Sanja04,

I completely hear you, it can completely be up and down. Please know that you are not alone though and that you have here to express anything that you are feeling. We are definitely here to support you!

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Community Champion


thanks so much for your starting this thread and for sharing your thoughts.
many people read your posts but don’t reply and they won’t feel alone because youhave been honest.

It is hard and as smallwolf says anxiety ans also depression can tell stories about you and to you that are untrue. Sometimes we need to question what and how we think.