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I am nearly 43 and and suffered with depression on and off for years. Right at this point in time I feel like I am quite literally losing my mind. From the outside I have a great life, good husband, 2 beautiful girls, new puppy, beautiful house, secure job, wonderful friends and yet I feel cranky most if not all of the time, am ridiculously over sensitive, disconnected and for the past week have not stopped crying.  I just made an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow - not sure if I'm depressed or if this is early onset menopause.....god if it isn't, i pray for the people who have to deal with me when that kicks in!!!!  I have been on antidepressants before, however gained weight which I haven't been able to lose, which in turn affected how I felt about myself, which in turn made the depression worse. Not sure what to do to be honest, but I know I can't live like this anymore. Just about to have a conversation about it with my poor and long suffering husband.....wish me luck! 
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Champion Alumni

dear Rosie, it doesn't matter how much you have in life, because this will never stop you from getting depression, you could have won the first prize in a lotto, have a great family, lots of friends, great kids and perfect job, this doesn't matter, because depression is much too strong and will weave itself onto you and start to begin your downward spiral.

I can't comment on whether it's menopause, because my wife had divorced me before this happened, so I haven't had any experience, although I do know people who have one through it, but haven't lived with anybody.

When you see your doctor just raise your concern about putting on weight, as this always seems to be a huge problem with some antidepressants (AD) and it's something that these drug companies need to look at, because if their drug does this then they won't have anybody taking them.

Also ask your doctor about the 'mental health plan' where you can get 10 free visits to see a psychologist, which could give your husband a rest, and I don't mean any harm in saying this, but after awhile they get tired and eventually switch off.  L Geoff. x