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I am new here. I recently saw my gp and recommended this website . I have been feeling all sorts of feeling, depression, sad, alone , worthless and I don't know why. I sometimes wonder what I done wrong to deserve these feelings. it is not a good place to be in and I don't know how to deal with my emotions.

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mocha delight
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Hi vanillabare first welcome to the forums and second can I just ask if you’ve been diagnosed with anything yet?

hi i have mild depression and anxiety.

Hey, how are doing today?

You don’t have to worry about been diagnosed or not here as I’ve been part of the forums since a few weeks before I booked in to see my gp to talk about my issues which was the week before covid 19 was first mentioned. I’ve been on a antidepressant since then, had my 4th appointment with my psychologist last week and working on getting a diagnosis. But my psychologist she has mentioned to me that I have depression, social anxiety and general anxiety disorder but me myself I’m not officially diagnosed with anything yet.

today i ok. i went for a 40 minute work nd feel really ok.

do you find talking to a psychologist helpful. My GP recommends journaling. i also found that since covid 19 happened and a unpleasant comment from by boss hasn't helped for me. i quess now looking back that's properly where it all began for me, now that i think about it.

Yes I find it very helpful seeing a psychologist even if I’ve not been officially diagnosed with anything yet.