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new to this

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hi all, i am new to this online caper and also new to talking bout my feelings. 

i have been diagnosed with major depression and really dont know what to do. i find myself sad and crying uncontrollably over nothing really. its ok when im busy but when i have a spare few minutes and sometimes hours, i just sit in a rut and my mind takes over.  i hope you can all accept me and eventually talk with me. 


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Hi, and welcome to the forum!

You will definitely be accepted by other members on this site. Talking about your feelings here online is a great way to begin. If you don't mind me asking, were you very recently diagnosed by your GP? Seeing your doctor regularly whilst you're dealing with this Major Depression is a good idea. Also keep in contact with family and close friends. Having strong social relationships is vital in life, and is especially so when your mental health is jeopardised.

I hope you find some comfort and support on this forum. Feel free to repost with more personal info or questions.

Best wishes,


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The mental disruption is very confusing. Realize that this is something the body eventually will address?

Medication may help a great deal. Peace and relaxation, at what may be one of the worst times in your life is not easy, is it?  Finding people to help without having an agenda is possibly a good idea too? I felt bound by duties in my career and pushed way too hard. Some demands have to be allowed to go their own way?

We can purge the stress levels, but we should also look at simplifying our lives as well? There may be physical causes that can be addressed, so a visit to a physician is a very good idea, describing all symptoms in detail, particularly the site of all niggling pains?

I wish you the best! You will emerge a stronger person.

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Champion Alumni

Dear MC

Hello and welcome to Beyond Blue. Good to have you with us.

Since you say you have been diagnosed I presume you have been to your GP. Have you been referred to a psychiatrist or psychologist? If you are finding it difficult to cope this may be a good idea. It is a great shock to realise you have a major depression and have no idea how to manage. The short answer is to go slowly in baby steps. Frustrating I know but you will get to the end.

Eating and sleeping well are immediate goals, plus some exercise every day. I always chuckle to myself when I talk about exercise. It's the thing I dislike most and it has taken many years to find out the benefits. Read all about depression on this web site. Click on the tabs at the top of the page and go from there.

Some people want to tell everyone about their depression and others want to hide away from everyone. Talking to a few trusted friends who will not fob you off is the most helpful. Give them some of the material from BB to help them understand what it's all about. If you see a psych or counsellor be as open as possible and engage as much as possible. You may be offered medication, which can be very helpful, but it is not a cure.

Write in here with any questions you have.


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Blue Voices Member

Hi MC, welcome to the forum. I am new, too.

It is a big step to share how you are feeling, which you have done, so feel proud for reaching out for help. I know what it's like to be depressed and not want to share how you feel, because I feel like it's hard for someone to understand who hasn't been in the same situation. But everyone on this forum is in the same boat, so you aren't alone.