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Hi guys, 

I just want to start by saying how good is this site. I first stumbled upon beyond blue mid way through last year when I had hit rock bottom and lost help. I made contact with an online official through instant messenger and lost my nerve and burrowed into my depression and anxiety further. 

Similar to most of you, I had seen psychologists from time to time to help with my anxiety and depression, but they all told me that I had my head screwed on and to take some time to do the things I liked doing - How can someone with anxiety enjoy thinking of things they enjoy doing when the world is that dark? I often got stressed about not being able to decide what I liked to do and it made me worse by realizing that I had come so far out of touch with myself, that I didn't know any of my hobbies or what made me happy. 

I went for a year like this and only have I recently been in contact with someone that truly helped me. I know some of you may not agree with certain alternative methods but I went to a hypnotherapist that made me realize the roots of my anxiety and depression which turned out to be my mother and my own family. 

She also helped me to isolate the cause rather than relating it to everything in life as most people that suffer from this do. I find that is the hardest aspect of anxiety...that is often turns anything in your life into a bundle of fear.

For me, anxiety turned the most special thing in my life against me, my partner. It was all in my head, of course. But some days it made me convinced he was cheating on me...when in reality I trust that he would never do that. 

 The thoughts were the worst part of it and the hardest part to overcome. It's important to keep your mind busy with positive things when it's like that. 

I just thought I'd let anyone know that I'm here to chat to if you ever need it, when you feel most alone, most vulnerable. I've been there and know all too well what it's like to feel as though you're surviving by yourself. 



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dear Ally, I'm so sorry that your comment has gone unanswered, however when the posts come in thick and fast, so to speak, they get pushed over to the second page, so they seem to be left alone, please it's only by accident.

When anybody is suffering from any type of depression we are not so concerned on who you actually see, but we want to help you overcome your this illness, plus this other counsellor who you have trust in.

Many professional people all have different ideas on how to help someone, some maybe to help you and agree with you, while others may rub you up the wrong way, the main idea is that you get the attention that suits you.

I personally have no argument in you seeing a hypnotherapist if he/she was able to help you try and get over this hurdle, because different methods work for different people.

We wish that people could always feel this way as you say ' It's important to keep your mind busy with positive things', and yes this is very important, but when you are in the depth of depression this is so hard to do, however now you can do this is certainly a positive way forward.

It's also common when you are in a new or existing relationship to worry that your partner will be having contact with another person, in other words having an affair, because the human mind is not perfect and suspicious even just a little bit.

I hope that your love for your friend is still going along in a strong way. Geoff. x