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Wanting advice as a partner of someone with schizophrenia
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Champion Alumni

Hi Louisa4444,

Wellcome to our forums!

We are a lovely caring group of people on this forum and are here to listen to you…..

I don’t know a lot about schizophrenia but maybe some of our other members do?

Please feel free to chat to us…

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Louisa, and a warm welcome to the forums.

I'm the same as Petal22 and don't know a great deal about schizophrenia but probably the best way for you to start is by asking questions that you are unsure of and the behaviour you don't understand.

Take care.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Louisa4444~

I'm afraid it has taken some time for you to wait, this is a problem with the system and does not in any way have anything to do with you or the nature of your query. The system does not always work as we would like.

There are two useful websites you may not have been to already:




The latter has a section on resources for carers towards the bottom of the page.

In addition sharing experiences with others facing the same sort of problems in a support group can be a great help. I suggest you ask our 24/7 Help Line (1300 22 4636) it they know of any in your area.

Please do come back and talk more, you will always be welcome


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Community Champion


welcome to the forum and thanks for questioning. Croix has given you a few places to get information.

I had an in law who had schizophrenia. Is it possible to go to the doctor with your partner so you can ask questions and learn more.

I assume your partner is recently diagnosed.
like with any partner listen , try to be informed and learn what helps and what doesn’t.

schizophrenia can be very disturbing so having a supportive partner will be very helpful.

Plus you may need to look after yourself and get support.

Feel free to post more. We are listening.


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