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My daughter

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Hi my name is Melissa I have 4 kids my oldest is 15 she's saying she's depressed and what's to kill her self what should I do I try to talk to her but she dont tell me nothing
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Hi Melissa,

I'm sorry to hear about what's happening with your oldest, and it must be really hard for you, her, and the whole family.

I'm sure that our community here will also have a lot of helpful things to say, but I just want to say that if at any point you feel like that your daughter might be at immediate risk of hurting herself, then you would need to call 000 as that is an emergency.

In the meantime, you might find it helpful to look at this article on RaisingChildren.net on supporting your teenager if they're having suicidal thoughts. Kids Helpline is also another great resource; your child can call them 24/7 at 1800 55 1800 for private counselling and support, and in the meantime they also have a really helpful article on the same topic.

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Hello Dear Mellissa..

Im very sorry to hear that your daughter is struggling with depression and having dark thoughts..

Sometimes our children won’t or can’t talk to their parents about what they are going through...and finds it more comfortable to talk to a professional, or a close family friend..ie her aunties, uncles etc..

Im wondering if it’s possible for you to make an appointment for yourself and daughter to talk to your gp about her depression and wanting to kill herself...You’re gp can help her with a mental health Care Plan, which entitles her to around 10 free councelling sessions..also your GP might start her on medication...or wait until she has spoken to a psychologist...or psychiatrist..

Melissa..It’s important to let your daughter know that she is very much loved and cared for by you and that you are their for her if she needs to talk..Depression lies to us, makes us feel unworthy of life and love...I struggle with Depression and professional therapy has helped me some..

Please talk here anytime you feel up to it or if you need to..we are here for you and will try our best to help you..

My kindest thoughts with care..


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Community Champion

Hello Mellisa

welcome to the forum and well done for making your first post.

It is hard when our children are struggling and they don’t want our help.

Grandy has suggested some helpful ideas.

Feel free to post .