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newbie - my partner has PTSD and isn't coping

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My partner is highly functioning most of the time but suffers from PTSD. Prior to Covid, she was seeing a counsellor once a week, but the telehealth alternative wasn't working and she has since stopped. I've read through the information about the signs of mental illness and she seems to be checking all the boxes right now in terms of mood, behaviour control, depression, low energy, weight gain and drinking. The way she appears to others is nothing like how she is at home. There seems to be a complete lack of boundaries, outbursts over little things and then situations where she is in tears sobbing. We have a small child at home and we are both WFH right now. I feel like I am just holding things together and can take care of my own self-care/workload stress. I've lowered my expectations, tried to follow her lead, make concessions, etc. What I am really struggling with is how contrary she is. I'm on eggshells. She says something and does the opposite. She agrees to things and never does them. She compiles lists and doesn't see anything through. I'm generally fatigued by 6 months of being in this yo-yo pattern, and feel like my bucket is empty...so...sadly, I'm struggling to empathise, listen, etc., I'm finding myself retreating and tuning out. We've always had an issue where she lashes out/gets everything off her chest and then thinks things should be fine afterwards. I'm more likely to need time to come back. The thing is...this is all amplified right now. She is lashing out more intensely and more frequently, and I feel like I am off on my own. Does anyone have any advice about dealing with the fatigue or how to set some ground rules/boundaries with someone in the depths? I'd love to get some advice on de-escalation techniques. Thank you.
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Look, I'm probably completely out of line as I'm new here.

But. It looks like you're taking on every aspect of the situation and taking it on alone. That's got to be tough!

You haven't elaborated on what the PSD is (not an attack just obsevation).

Have yoh talk