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Mental illness and isolation

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I am carer for my son - a handsome, intelligent, dearly loved 27 yo - who has been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic with depression anxiety and social phobias. After 7 years of bravely enduring some truly nightmarish situations, he now has “insight”. My boy is back. He can laugh again. His journey is not over but it’s a promising beginning on the next part. However, all his friends have drifted away or stayed away due to fear and ignorance. He says he is now mourning hus loss and his loneliness. I am afraid. How can I find friends? Community workers do not replace Nate ship - and have proved to be unreliable.
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Hi, welcome

Well great news about his improvements.

The old saying "birds of a feather flock together" is why this forum is so successful. Many of us here get some relief that others understand or at least have empathy. The ignorance of which you speak is know to us well.

I cant suggest much but I'd say his old friendships are long gone. Groups that include schizophrenics might be a good start. The Beyondblue help line at the bottom of this page could be a good start.

I hope you are ok


Thank you for your quick reply. I have read through the posts and see how many people are living and dealing with mental health challenges. It is humbling. I will encourage my son to make contact with people who have similar issues - a first step to knowing he is not alone.

thank you