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Mental health and cancer: my story

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi guys,

For a good chunk of my life, I didn't realise I had mental health problems.

Even after crippling panic attacks where I couldn't breathe, even after depressing times when I couldn't leave home, it took a while to understand my problems and start to deal with it in a healthy way (without drinking etc)

Having cancer didn't help things either (more on that later), but I'm very glad that what we're all going through right now is not swept under the carpet, and I don't feel ashamed, or broken, or helpless.

Happy to be here with you.

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Community Member
Hi TheSimplifyGuy,

Welcome to the forums!

It sounds like you’ve been on a big journey of self-discovery after years of suffering, and not understanding what was happening. It can be such a relief to finally realise the cause behind your crippling panic attacks and depressive episodes, because with knowledge comes the ability to do something about it. You have done that! You have found a way to manage your problems without turning to alcohol, which is such an accomplishment to be proud of.

It seems like even though you are still suffering from mental health problems, you feel more supported, and freer to talk about it than before. This is exactly what these forums are for - a safe place for you to discuss anything you want, and be supported by others who may be having similar experiences to you. I hope that you find it a helpful environment and enjoy being part of the forums.


Thank you, Wazowski!! Love your thoughtful response. Looking forward to being here, thank you for making me feel welcome!