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Community Member

Hi Im Em, Not feeling myself lately (well past 4-5 years) Just wanna talk to some people that might be feeling the same way

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Em,

Love the avatar.

I haven't been feeling like myself for some years so yeah ill have a chat and am happy to listen to you.

For me it started with a relationship breakup...took the life out of me. I'm also medicated and that's had a huge impact on me.

These days I stay home more, watch tv more, don't exercise anywhere near as much as I used to and my looks have gone downhill to an extent. My weight has increased a lot to what it used to be as well.

.....picking up the pieces....restarting over as a different person...and adapting to then changing what I dont like is what I'll aim for.

Feel free to write about what's going on and I'll lend an ear.


Community Member

Hi Em, Im new here too. I just joined today. Just thought Id say HI 🙂