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Steven N
Community Member

After 39years of working l took a voluntary redundancy package as I didn't like it there anymore, now Im at a loss as what to do with my life. Im single and live on my own, the last week has been so miserable for me and I've lost interest in the simplest of pleasure such as walking my beloved dog. I have been waking up each morning feeling down and not wanting to get out of bed, thinking over and over why l feel like this and what to do. Yesterday, in front of my sister, I teared up. She has been trying to help me by suggesting I find a Hobbie or do some Voluntary work but I don't know what. I've seen my GP and have made an appt to see a Psychologist but I'm wondering if that will help. This morning I woke up feeling worse than ever.

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Community Member

Dear Steven N,

I am sure everyone must be telling you this and you must be getting annoyed at them now but things will get better.

It is normal to feel different emotions, could be positive or negative, when there is a big change occurring in our lives. And going from having a job to not having a job and feeling purposeless can be unsettling.

You have already made a big step in making an appointment with a psychologist as I am sure this will make a big difference and I really hope that you will find the strength and the motivation to go to your appointment.

I think your sister gave you great advice. What are your interests? enrol in some sport club, look at what there is in your community that you could enjoy. I am sure there must be something 🙂

You will get through this 🙂 All the bets


Thank you for your message of support

Hi Dot,

Thank you for your message of support.


Community Member

Hi Steven,

Im new here too. nice to meet you. I hope you're feeling better soon. 🙂