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Hi Im a new member

Community Member

Hi there, I just joined up today. I am in a really low place. I feel sad all the time. I drink too much. Have no friends. Im glad this site is here. I rang lifeline twice this morning. I realise I need help.

Im 50 and unemployed. Im broke and faced with the prospect of always being so. I dont think I'll ever find a job. I dont own a house.

when I look at what Ive written I feel disgusted with myself. I never realised life was going to be this cruel.

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Community Member

Dear SueWho,

Thank you for sharing your feelings here, I know it can be difficult

Life can be tough sometimes, I understand that being 50 and being unemployed and not owning a house of your own is not what you had pictured for yourself and that makes you feel sad.

why you feel disgusted with yourself for what you have written? I can only see someone who needs to talk about their feelings and who needs to be understood.

It think when we shift in terms of age, going from 30 or so to 40, or from 40 or so to 50, is a time when we reflect on our own accomplishments. What have we achieved? We all make plans for ourselves, like when I am 50, I will have a job, a house and a lot of friends. If things do not work out as planned we feel sad and think that these things will never happen.

What are the evidence that you will never find a job or that you will always be broke? 🙂 Anything can happen.

All the best