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Just need to chat.

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Hi everyone. Just signed up so I can have a place to chat about my depression and anxiety. Feel I am losing the battle.
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Champion Alumni

Hello John

Welcome to the forum. It's great that you have joined up. What would you like to talk about? Depression and anxiety are old friends for many of us here. Jump in and tell us how you are going.


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I have 'no one cares no one cares no one cares' repeating on a loop in my head.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Way in,

I am sorry your struggling, and feel the way you are.

Welcome to the forums, This is safe place full of people who really genuinely care, I'm one of those people,

Do you want to talk about how you're feeling. Only if you want to.

Kindness only


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I'm here too, I care. I'm sitting here typing because I feel I can't ring my friends and family.
No one seems to understand. I can't turn my mind off, I cant stop the fear (of everything) so you're not alone.

Is there anything you'd like to talk over? for me it seems to be fear of fear and scared that I'll never be better on and envy of other people who don't suffer with mental health problems.
Don't suffer alone hey

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Jacquiem,

Welcome to Beyond Blue Forums,

I am sorry you are struggling with fear and being afraid,

I can understand how your feeling, I have also and still do struggle with fear, its not a good feeling to get.

Maybe if you could make an appointment and speak to your GP about how your feeling, he/ she can get you help , meds, therapy . Just wondering if you have tried this at all.

I hear you about not being able to turn your mind off, I find what works for me when I'm ready to sleep is to do some meditation (guided). then I put gentle soft music on and concerntrate entirely on the music, listening and singleing out the different instruments, this is living in the moment,

Thtough the day distraction works by giving your mind a break from your thoughts of fear, something that you could try are internet games ie: jigsaws, colouringin, the idea is to fully concerntrate on the task your doing. I was told a few months ago that our brain can think only one thought at a time, the more we try distraction the easier it gets.

We can get better, but we need to want to get better and be pro active towards our mental health.

There are lots of threads on bb with success stories, and many threads that has great suggestions about helping our selves, your welcome tom take a look through the threads, and feel free to join in the conversation if you want to.

Talk here any time you want to. I'm not here always but I usually pop in a few times a day,

Caring thoughts


Dear Way in and Jacquiems

Hello and welcome to Beyond Blue. It's good to meet you.

It's sad when our friends and family have little knowledge about depression and anxiety. When we are feeling lonely and unloved we need people around to talk to or simply to be with. Can you look at the drop down list under The Facts at the top of the page. BB has lots of information you can read and download to your computer. Some of the information cannot be downloaded and you will need to ask BB to send it out to you.

I think getting some of this information may be useful to you and useful to your family and friends There is at least one publication for family and friends. Ask for several copies and give them to your friends and family. No charge for sending you these items.

Feeling that no one cares is a hard place to be. It's probably not true but is so hard to talk about your difficulties to someone who looks all together. They may have feelings just like you and like you would welcome the opportunity to chat. You would be surprised at how many people put on a mask in public to hide behind. It's probable that you also put on a mask because you feel you want someone to talk to but get a nervous about telling your friends.

So chat about whatever troubles you. We don't bite.

Way in, I often tell people about how they are feeling because I know how it feels and it's such a relief to know someone else feels this way. I have depression and it comes and goes. Probably more stressful when in a crowd of others. People are so nice when you start to struggle and they all show some empathy and understand where the information. We do remember being there.

Jacquiems, I think you would be amazed at the number of people who have mental health problems and do what everyone else does, wear a mask in public. It is tiring to do this and uses the energy better used in getting well.

It's good to talk here but I think you would be better served to start your own threads in the depression or anxiety forums. That way you are more visible and more people will chat with you. At the moment you are flying under the radar when you discuss your problems under Johnfromgawler's thread. I think he is simply introducing himself, but it's good to support others. Just start your own threads so we know where you are and can talk about your specific difficulties.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
hi John, Way in and Jacquiems, well what else can I say that's not been said, but who better to talk to than someone who has been done the same road that you have.

Sometimes as soon as you start talking then we realise what's going to follow, never the less, it's always best to tell someone, and we are a group of people who have been down that track and maybe still are. Geoff.

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Hey John, How are you doing in South Australia?

No you are not going to lose any battle John because I am going to be with you.

By the way I am Bob from Townsville.

Now you stay in touch with this group and me.

Take care John.

Much love.


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Often can feel like that , hold strong , it does get better . Like the roller coaster , embrace the good days