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I just signed up and been here for hours

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Hey everyone,

I'm new here. Just found this tonight and glad of that. Life is pretty challenging for me at the moment with a "big thing" with my daughter  and visiting the forum tonight has given some welcome relief and distraction.

My mental health goes up and down. I often struggle with depression. I have anxiety and I am pretty sure I have ADHD, although undiagnosed because I cannot afford it and given my age, 64 and female, statistically unlikely for that to happen anyway.

I am currently in therapy as stress has undermined my mental health considerably over the last few years and the Lockdown ( i worked through, I'm in a pharmacy) burnt me out. My daughter has mental health diagnoses that keep me on my toes and help to ramp up the stress on a regular basis even though we live apart.

I am in Sydney and single, with 2 cats and work full-time. I am happy to have found this space where I already feel I can say things people will understand without judgement. And that is a welcome relief.

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Valued Contributor

Hello & welcome, Snazzypretzel. Great to see you here.

I hope you've been looking around a bit, checking out the areas of most interest to you, finding your way around without too many problems??? 

I'm pleased that coming here has given you a little relief from some of the stress you are under.

I'm living on my own, adore cats, & am the same age as you. My profile picture is of my cat. Due to an unforeseen heart condition, she didn't live past 7 years. That was several years ago, & still I miss her. But I keep her close, like a character, or three, who can play & be very imaginative, like young versions of myself & my adult self, as you find me here. My adult self is mmMekitty, then there is LRC, (Little Red Cat), a mischeivious adolescent, & occasionally, mmMekitten. These are to keep Mekitty close & in my world, & to nurture my younger self. & sometimes just to have fun.

I hope the 'big thing' with your daughter has settled, & you both are feeling relaxed  & are able to talk together.

I understand more people are being diagnosed with ADHD as adults, but yes, it is expensive. Have you discussed the possibility of you having ADHD with your therapist? That may also be something they can help you with.

&, may I also ask, what strategies have you found useful for managing your anxiety & depression? Here, on BB, you can find many people have all sorts of thing they do to manage symptoms, 'triggers' & all the thoughts & feelings that come with these conditions.

For myself it has been primarily about self-care, learning to care about myself, to treat myself better by eating better, exericising, (trying) to sleep sufficiant hours, at night, to monitor that self-talk, too.

I hope I'll see you around the forums.

Goodnight, Snazzypretzel (I really like your name)





He mmMeKitty,


thanks! The big stress will be ongoing for now and I am not sure how it will resolve, so just working on myself. My therapist kinda agrees with me but is not a psychologist or anything. We just assume I am and work from there. It fits OK. It also explains all my battles with depression, anxiety and my troubles in my childhood, so I just accept I am and that helps me.


After all this time I believe stress management and self care are keys to my success, although stress just sets me back every time. My stress tolerance is pretty poor now. And as you say, good sleep, exercise, diet and all that are most important. If I let them slide too far I get all out of balance. I take my vitamins and herbs. I am not on any medications. I go to therapy.


I am learning about my boundaries. I am learning how to appreciate and accept myself and that is a continual work in progress. What s happening with my daughter is a lesson to develop that skillset.


Goodnight and thanks for the welcome mmMekitty